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Cadillac Lyriq Discount Non-Existent In April 2023

Cadillac Lyriq Discount Non-Existent In April 2023

During April 2023, there are no Cadillac Lyriq discount offers, meaning that the luxury marque is not offering any sort of incentive or deal toward the purchase or lease of its first-ever fully electric vehicle. In fact, Cadillac has yet to offer any incentives on the Lyriq since the vehicle’s launch.

However, it’s worth noting that while the luxury marque itself is not offering any Cadillac Lyriq discount this month, customers can now take advantage of the $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit thanks to a reclassification of the Lyriq by the U.S. Treasury. Previously, the vehicle’s classification meant that it was ineligible for the tax credit, but that decision was recently reassessed.

While Cadillac elected to withhold most of the 8,195 units of the Lyriq built at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee last year to resolve quality issues, deliveries of the Lyriq are ramping up. In fact, over 1,000 units of the luxury electric crossover were shipped out in February – more than tenfold the 122 Lyriq units shipped throughout the 2022 calendar year.

Interest in and demand for the Lyriq is already quite high, as Cadillac struggles to keep up with even the most basic levels of demand. Even so, we expect interest to grow even further with the forthcoming high-performance Lyriq-V. As exclusively reported by Cadillac Society, the Lyriq-V will build on the luxury crossover’s Sport trim, bringing more power and unique trim bits, including a unique front fascia, complete with chevron-style mesh for the lower grille, as typically found in V-Series models. A recent prototype sighting confirmed these details, and more. Thus far, any official information about the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq-V – including details and pricing – has yet to be revealed.

Cadillac Lyriq Pricing

Speaking of Lyriq pricing, below we list Cadillac Lyriq trim levels and their corresponding starting retail prices. As Cadillac Society exclusively reported previously, the 2024 Lyriq is actually more affordable than its 2023 model year predecessor.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq

  • Luxury RWD – $62,900
  • Luxury AWD – $64,900

2024 Cadillac Lyriq

  • Tech – $58,590
  • Luxury RWD – $62,960
  • Luxury AWD – $66,190
  • Sport RWD – $63,190
  • Sport AWD – $66,690

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Cadillac Society will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

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  1. Just received my black (forced change from blue) Luxury trimmed 2023 LYRIQ earlier this afternoon. Vin in very low 3000’s so that is how many they have made in over a year’s production. Cadillac just lied about the production numbers, that’s all.

    • VIN numbers for Cadillac, like most manufacturers are not sequential or quantitative.

  2. There are blackouts and brownouts in California right now. There is not enough electricity generated right now. With E vehicles we are putting the carriage before the horse. The government is trying to eliminate all natural and oil usage. There will never be enough solar panels or wind turbines to satify the demand.

    • If tbere are blackouts, how do they pump gasoline? With a hand crank? At least we who have photovoltaic storage can charge our EV for free every day. You cannot get gas without power or even for free!

  3. I received my 2023 Lyriq in Maui, Hawaii last month. Going from the SRX to this car is huge. The car is larger, drives better and has more options than I can figure out. The 33″ dash is great for maps and sound quality for microphones is spot on. Quick charge is close. Easy to use. Fit and finish is also far above what I got with the SRX.


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