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2025 Cadillac Optiq In Black: Live Photo Gallery

2025 Cadillac Optiq In Black: Live Photo Gallery

The 2025 Cadillac Optiq dropped cover back in November 2023, slotting in beneath the Lyriq in the luxury marque’s rapidly expanding lineup of battery electric vehicles. Cadillac Society spotted an Optiq on the road for the first time just a few months ago, and now, we’ve spied another example undergoing testing, this time dressed in all-black.

This 2025 Cadillac Optiq was testing in Michigan without camo and appears mostly production-ready. That means its exterior color, which is likely Stellar Black Metallic (paint code GB8), is on full display.

At the front, the Optiq takes after its bigger brother, the Lyriq, with vertical headlights and horizontally-oriented turn signals that bleed into a bold silver trim piece across the top of the LED-studded “grille,” which features a monochrome Caddy emblem mounted in the center. That silver treatment is echoed with small trim pieces at the lower edge of the front fascia, delivering a bold contrast against the black paint.

Like the Lyriq, the Optiq is what we like to refer to as a “mouth breather” – meaning that its air intake for cooling the electric powertrain is located at the bottom of the front fascia. This quality is on full display in the Optiq seen here. 

From the side, we can see that this Optiq rolls on a set of silver-and-black multi-spoke wheels. Additionally, the upper part of the window trim as well as the lower part of the doors feature polished silver trim pieces. The black paint also helps conceal the luxury crossover’s beltline, hiding what we believe to be an overly busy profile design. Tiered design lines behind the rearmost window are also clearly visible against the dark paint, lining up with the inner graphics on the upper taillights. Also note the flush-mounted door handles, which likely utilize the same deploying mechanism as the 2024 Lyriq.

Out back, the Optiq sports two spoilers, one above the rear glass and the other affixed just below it. Note that the battery electric CUV doesn’t feature a rear wiper due to the severe slope of the rear window. Similar to a sedan, this allows airflow down the rear of the vehicle and prevents moisture and precipitation from accumulating to a degree that could be considered distracting, as seen on this example, which is being driven in snowy conditions. Cadillac’s monochrome logo is present and accounted for just below the lower spoiler.

The rear end view also shows the dual tier tail lights along with the bright trim on the rear bumper cover. Below that, a gray insert spans the area where the exhaust outlets would be on a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine.

While Cadillac has yet to reveal any sort of Optiq specifications, we do know that it will ride on a smaller variant of the BEV3 platform. At this time, pricing information has not yet been disclosed.

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  1. I love this metsllic black color.

  2. If the Optiq was a gasoline powered car I’d want it in a heart beat! But as electric – just pretty to look at.

  3. I think the Optiq is a GREAT looking car…but it’s ELECTRIC and I’m just not ready for an Electric car.

    • Most of us are ready with home solar energy system to charge this EV overnight for free. Bring it soon, Cadillac!

  4. If your not ready
    Electric to bad your missing out!
    Of the future life
    Of fun driving experience! Gas power engine 19th century technology
    Welcome to the future

  5. The FWD model a year ago here said it would be 210 hp, similar to the basic Equinox offering. But they can’t make up their minds as to what battery sizing to have, so that could be all over the place….

    Fast Charging will be proportional to battery sizing. 102.5 kwh LYRIQ is in the 70 kw range untapered… With SEVERE tapering it starts out for several seconds at 186 kwh then drops. At 82% my LYRIQ drops to – count ’em – a whopping 4 kw before slowly increasing to around 20 kw at 90%.

    Home charging will no doubt have a 48 amp car charger standard. Portable ‘QMERIT’ compatible charge cord (whether free or optional) will be 110/220 at 8/12 (110) or 32 (190-250 volts) amperes. 80 ampere car charger optional – the LYRIQ charges $1480 for this on upscale models. An additional wallbox must be purchased and installed to take advantage of this. 48 amp wallbox is $599 , 80 amp is I believe $899, plus installation. 15% off this month.

  6. Nice looking car but it’s electric so no thanks.GM should ask its customer base what type vehicle they want and not keep shoving electric down our throats!This is the government meddling in our choice of vehicle and I’m not having it!


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