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More Than 8,000 Units Of The Cadillac Lyriq Were Built In 2022

More Than 8,000 Units Of The Cadillac Lyriq Were Built In 2022

Production of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, the luxury marque’s first all-electric vehicle, commenced at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee back in late March 2022. Throughout the 2022 calendar year, over 8,000 units of the Lyriq rolled off the assembly line in the United States, marking the first steps of Cadillac’s plans toward an all-electric future

The latest figures reveal that a total of 8,195 units of the Cadillac Lyriq were built during the 2022 calendar year at the Spring Hill Plant in Tennessee. Production levels peaked in November 2022, during which 2,477 units were produced. The next-highest production figures were seen in December 2022, with 2,003 units of the Lyriq rolling off the line. 

For comparison, during the first month of assembly, only 20 units of the Lyriq were built. Production abruptly ramped up in September, when monthly figures jumped from under 300 units to over 1,000. This steep increase was by design, as Cadillac substantially increased Lyriq production capacity to answer the unprecedented amount of demand for the luxury electric crossover, while also gaining the ability to produce the vehicle in higher quantities.

The table below shows Cadillac Lyriq production numbers by month for the 2022 calendar year.

Cadillac Lyriq Production In 2022
Mar 2022 20
Apr 2022 50
May 2022 50
June 2022 80
July 2022 250
Aug 2022 265
Sept 2022 1,000
Oct 2022 2,000
Nov 2022 2,477
Dec 2022 2,003
Total 8,195

Looking ahead, we expect even more units of the Lyriq to roll off the line in Spring Hill during the 2023 calendar year as supply of Ultium batteries and Ultium Drive motors, which power the model, to improve considerably, in turn enabling the luxury marque to further expand production.

Riding on the luxury marque’s BEV3 platform, the Lyriq is offered with a choice of two powertrains. The base single-motor setup features one Ultium motor mounted on the rear axle, lending 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque for an estimated 312 miles of driving range from a full charge. The second is a dual-motor Performance AWD setup that produces over 500 horsepower

While the 2023 Lyriq is only offered in Luxury RWD or Luxury AWD trim, the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq will gain a more complete trim level lineup, gaining a new entry level trim level called Tech, more equipment groups within the Luxury trim level, as well as the new Sport trim. The introduction of the aforementioned Tech trim level enables the 2024 Lyriq to have a lower starting price point than its 2023 model.

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  1. So where r they being stored. No one has gotten theirs yet to speak of.

    • No mention by Cadillac Society that all 2023s are black. Dealer had to tell me that.

  2. Alexandra:

    The title of this article is playing fast and loose with the numbers. Yes, Cadillac PRODUCED over 8,000 units BUT DELIVERED only 122 in 2022. By not making the distinction between “produced” and “delivered” you appear to be acting like a shill for GM. Like most others I subscribe to this list to get accurate information, not GM press releases.

    If you want to read some REAL information, see two well written articles in GM Authority (https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/01/cadillac-lyriq-units-now-shipping-as-quality-issues-are-resolved/) explains this was a purposeful decision on GM’s part and WHY (https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/01/why-your-cadillac-lyriq-is-taking-so-long-to-arrive/)

    It sure would have been a service to Cadillac’s customers on the waiting list telling what they were doing and why. Since I got on the waiting list on May 25 I have heard ZERO from Cadillac or my dealer.

  3. LOL! Can’t deliver them to people with CONFIRMED orders and deposit checks cashed. Such a joke GM/Cadillac. Oh, wait…they’re on a boat to China since that is the only market that Mary seems to care about. Put her and the cronies that follow her on the same boat.

    • You people are so weird. What are you upset with China about? They support and RESPECT the Cadillac brand much more than Americans do anyway. You’re mad because Cadillac knows where their demand mainly is – both in the U.S. and China? Lol.

      There was a quality hood placed on deliveries. What part of that cantbyall comprehend? They wanted to address some links before any of the 8,000 built were delivered. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. When you care about the quality of your product.

  4. QS1,
    More Lyriqs are made an sold in Communist China 🇨🇳 for one reason – Mary Barra knows where her $29 million salary comes from – and, it’s not America 🇺🇸. She and her do nothing new Board should All move there.

    • Awe. Another emotional and delusional republican/ReTrumplican crying because a private company has business elsewhere outside of the United States. What a bunch of weirdos that live in this country. China supports this brand much greater than you cry baby Americans do and you’re upset because the CEO is paying attention to that? Absolutely golden.

      Being attentive in all markets you occupy is a great thing for this AmErIcAn cooperation. Or do you think American businesses should only do business with other Americans? You’re an idiot either way you try to look at it and I hope Marry sees these types of threads and just LAUGHS. I’m pathetic what she has to go through for simply doing her job!

  5. I received my Debut Edition in September, 22. It’s a DREAM!!!


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