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Half Of Cadillac’s Lineup Will Likely Be Fully Electric By 2025

Half Of Cadillac’s Lineup Will Likely Be Fully Electric By 2025

Cadillac is making moves to introduce a long list of all-new, all-electric vehicles in the next few years. In fact, the luxury marque will introduce so many new EVs, that half of its lineup will likely be fully electric by 2025.

As Cadillac Society covered previously, a bevy of new Caddy EV models are expected to appear in the next five years. The first will be the Lyriq crossover, which debuted in August as a near-production-ready show car, revealing Cadillac’s latest EV-inspired design language. Expected to feature a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery and more than 300 miles of range per charge, the electric midsize crossover is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2022 in the U.S., a full nine months ahead of schedule

2021 Cadillac Escalade

2021 Cadillac Escalade

From there, we expect two new crossovers to flank the Lyriq. As revealed by a trademark filing uncovered in July, one will likely be called Optiq and the other will probably be named Symboliq. The larger will model will feature three rows of seating.

Cadillac is also expected to release a new all-electric variant of the new-for-2021 Escalade. The new full-size electric SUV, which might be called Escalade EV, will pack upwards of 400 miles of range, as Cadillac Society was first to report. Three rows of seating and all the latest features are expected.

The luxury marque will also introduce a new “low-roof” EV model. Little is currently known about this vehicle, including its go-to-market name. However, industry whispers tell us that it will be something of a cross between a sedan and a four-door coupe.

Cadillac Escala concept, which provides styling cues for the upcoming Celestiq.

Cadillac Escala concept, which provides styling cues for the upcoming Celestiq

The Cadillac EV product offensive will conclude with the introduction of a new full-size flagship sedan called Celestiq. Set to feature gobs of space, an ultra high-end interior, and the latest high-tech features, the range-topper will be hand-built save for the mechanical elements such as the platform and batteries. A starting price of at least $200,000 is expected.

Projected Cadillac EV Lineup
ICE / BEV 2021 MY ICE 2021 MY BEV 2025 MY ICE 2025 MY BEV
Cadillac CT4 ICE x x
Cadillac CT5 ICE x x
Cadillac XT4 ICE x x
Cadillac XT5 ICE x x
Cadillac XT6 ICE x x
Cadillac Escalade ICE x x
Cadillac Full-Size EV SUV BEV x
Cadillac Lyriq BEV x
Cadillac Optiq (CUV) BEV x
Cadillac Symboliq (CUV) BEV x
Cadillac Low-Roof EV BEV x
Cadillac Celestiq BEV x
6 0 6 6
6 12
100% 0% 50% 50%

Naturally, the introduction of these future Cadillac EV models will require a good deal of flexibility and change on behalf of the existing Cadillac dealer network. As such, Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, is offering buyout packages to those dealers that don’t want to make the investments to sell the new battery-powered vehicles.

Though Caddy’s forthcoming EV revolution appears to be just over the horizon, it won’t spell the discontinuation of models powered by internal combustion engines, at least not by 2025. In fact, we forecast that roughly half of the marque’s vehicle portfolio will feature combustion engines by mid-decade, with some ICE models (such as the XT5) being redesigned entirely throughout the transition to EVs.

We will be there every step of the way as Cadillac moves through its EV transition, so be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for ongoing Cadillac news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions in our Cadillac forums.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.


  1. No wonder Musk is fishing for a merger! With all the electrics coming from automakers in the next few years, I’d be a bit concerned too. I don’t think he has the $$ to redesign his current offerings. They’re very good looking, but he can’t build them forever.

    • I wouldn’t even characterize the Teslas as good looking. I’d say they’re okay (Model S and X) or ugly/dull (Model 3 and Y).

      From where I stand, the writing for Tesla has been on the wall for a while now: despite the hype and the inflated stock price, Tesla will not be able to compete in any way, shape or form, including on scale, quality, production capacity, design or development once the big boys (like GM) roll out true rivals like the Cadillac lineup outlined above. It’s essentially either a merge or die scenario for Tesla.

  2. A question.

    When you write: “Cadillac is also expected to release a new all-electric variant of the new-for-2021 Escalade. The new full-size electric SUV, which might be called Escalade EV….”
    Does this mean the current Escalade but with an electric power train, or a completely different vehicle the GM BEV/ truck platform and badged “Escalade”?

    • It will probably be a new EV design with similar characteristics. Just as Ford did with the new Mustang Mach-E being sold together with gasser Mustangs. When you have a famous model name, adding an EV version is much better than renaming.

      • Greg – the direction, based on what I know, is that it’s a combination of both of the directions you outline:
        – It will have design elements that are like/similar to those of the new, 2021 Escalade
        – It will be based on BT1, which means it will be quite different architecturally from the 2021 Escalade ICE models

  3. Sadly, I have a fairly low performance Cadillac, a XT4 Sport. Evidentially the “bean counters” got their hands on the design and the 2 liter turbo 237 HP engine just doesn’t do the job well. It really needs about 300 HP. I’m torn between a BMW x3M 40i and waiting for the CT4 Blackwing. I hope the Blackwing has a chassis to match the engine. Come on Cad. You’ve got some beautiful cars in the works but remember beauty is only skin deep!!

    • To be fair, the XT4, in any trim, is not a high-performance vehicle. But neither are its direct rivals from Lexus, Acura, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW. Unless one steps up to the SQ3, AMG35/45, or M### models of the latter three, all of those rivals offer powerplants with the similar power levels.

      I also must say that there is nothing related to bean counters taking place with the 2.0L LSY engine you refer to. It is a world-class engine and the power it makes is closely associated with reduced emissions necessary for Cadillac models to be sold in North America and in China. Solid low-end power, reduced emissions, and high levels of refinement were the targets during the engine’s development, and it hits on all three items.

      So it’s not so much about the LSY “not doing the job well”. To the contrary, it does the job well, for a standard (base) engine, one that satisfies most customers. The difference is that that you desire more power, which is understandable. That desire would be best served by an entirely different engine. Unfortunately, no such engine is coming for this generation of the XT4.

      Also, the X3M 40i you mention is in a totally different size and vehicle class/segment, and therefore price point than the XT4. It’s a rival to the XT5.

      Anyway, the CT4-V Blackwing will deliver on all accounts. The chassis is Alpha, and having owned two cars on this platform, it’s downright perfect. The CT4-V already delivers very good levels of performance, particularly when it comes to handling … the BW will take that up several notches.

    • @Tom Martin:

      If you’re unhappy with the XT4’s engine power, WHY DID YOU BUY IT ???

  4. I am getting so fed up with GM telling us that they will have 25 new EV by 2025, just do it!!! i love GM but this EV push will come back to bite them in the ass i am sure of it.

    • But they’re already doing it. These announcements are not promises as much as they are an explanation of plans, plans that have been years in the making.

      We should also recognize that they’re not selling burgers, but complex products with thousands of parts. The Ultium battery plant is still being built, so we won’t see anything until that’s finished. Meanwhile, the Lyriq is about 13 months away.


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