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Cadillac Reveals Project GTP Hypercar For IMSA Competition: Video

Cadillac Reveals Project GTP Hypercar For IMSA Competition: Video

When Cadillac returns to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023 after a two-decade hiatus from the event, it will be with a new race car: the Cadillac Project GTP hypercar. The luxury marque has been teasing the new race car for a while now, providing glimpses of various parts of the vehicle without revealing it in full. The veil has now been cast off, finally giving a complete preview of the inbound race car.

Before we go forth, we must note that Cadillac’s press release states that the Project GTP Hypercar “previews the third-generation prototype race car.” In other words, it’s entirely possible that the final, race-going model will different in some way from what we see here.

Nevertheless, The Project GTP hypercar was codeveloped by Cadillac Design, Cadillac Racing and Dallara, and features aesthetic elements borrowed from the luxury marque’s design language as seen on its production vehicles. The vertical lighting signatures affixed to the front fascia are reminiscent of the headlights of the Cadillac Lyriq, as are the sharply angled taillight assemblies.

Under the hood, the Project GTP hypercar features a race-prepared 5.5L DOHC V8 engine, developed by Earnhardt Childress Racing Engines, that will work in conjunction with the GTP/Hypercar class hybrid system provided by IMSA. Cadillac is keeping the full specifications of this eight-cylinder engine close to the vest, but it’s worth noting that other vehicles in the newly formed GTP class will run twin-turbocharged V8 engines.

This new Project GTP race car will replace the existing Cadillac DPi-V.R, which is currently fielded by the luxury marque in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship series and will be retired at the end of the 2022 season. 

“Cadillac will be competing again on the world racing stage, and we are all thrilled to return to Le Mans after 20 years,” said Global Cadillac Vice President, Rory Harvey, in a press release. “By competing in both the 2023 IMSA and WEC championships, Cadillac Racing has the opportunity to demonstrate its capability, craftsmanship and technology.”

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  1. When you have such an opportunity like this and you look at the competition that’s coming, you wanna bring the best possible package.” Why don’t GMthink that way in every thing they do not just race cars?

  2. Very nice.


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