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Three New Electric Cadillac Models Will Debut In 2023

Three New Electric Cadillac Models Will Debut In 2023

Half of Cadillac’s lineup will be comprised of electric vehicles by 2025, meaning a slew of EVs are inbound for the luxury marque’s lineup. As part of that plan, the luxury auto marque is set to debut three new electric Cadillac models in 2023.

In a recent media briefing attended by Cadillac Society, Cadillac Vice President, Rory Harvey, announced that three new electric vehicles are on the way for the 2023 calendar year. Details regarding these new EVs are scarce so far, but Harvey also stated that the start of regular production (SORP) of the new vehicles will kick off during the 2024 calendar year, indicating that all three EVs will be 2025 model year vehicles. 

Sub-Cadillac Lyriq EV crossover prototype

While the luxury marque itself has yet to reveal details, Cadillac Society has kept a close eye on the development of new Cadillacs with electric hearts. We expect one of the three new Cadillac electric models to be a small crossover to slot under the Lyriq. We spotted a heavily camouflaged version of this vehicle undergoing testing in August 2022. At this time, it’s unclear what nameplate this vehicle could wear, but the luxury marque filed to trademark LumistiqAscendiqVistiq, and Optiq for use in future EVs, so it’s likely that one of these names could make it to the new EVs.

Cadillac Society rendering of an Escalade EV, aka Escalade IQ

The other two Cadillac electric models on the way are likely the Escalade IQ and its extended-length Escalade IQL variant, which will carry the famous Escalade nameplate into the luxury marque’s all-electric future while staying true to its “IQ” naming convention for EVs. 

Of these three new Cadillac electric vehicles, at least one – the sub-Lyriq model – will likely be sold in global markets. It’s also likely that this model will be assembled in more than one global factory, such as a plant in North American as well as in China.

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  1. And a more accesible sedan than the Celestiq, when? Not everybody likes or wants SUV´s or crossovers no matter what.

    • Amen. Have a CT6 I love. I guess I’ll step down a tad size wise to a CT5. Prefer large sedans which are being phased out.

      • I have the CT6 too, and it’s amazing! I agree so much with your sentiment. Hold on; I think they’ll make an EV CT6/large sedan.

    • Two more accessible electric Cadillac sedans than Celestiq are coming. I have them as arriving in 2025, when CT4 and CT5 are being sunset.

      • This naming convention – along with the dumb idea for Cadillac to abandon ICE – should be labeled “idiotIQ”

      • I am glad I bought my CT5 now. Before the choices are taken away from me. More than likely this Cadillac will be my last Cadillac, but not my last car.

  2. Details are scares?!? Scarce perhaps?

    • Indeed. Updated. Thanks for the sharp eye.

      • Where’s my lyriq??? Thus Hurts the Brand!

    • Three more models GM will not be able to produce. Th Lyric exemplifies GMs inability to actually produce an electric car. I place a deposit last June, and they told me last week it will probably be 2024 before I see delivery. They are not even taking orders any more. Yet every other day I see the same stupid commercial. Why do they advertise a product they can’t deliver? Typical GM.

      • I will not purchase a Cadillac that’s being made in China

  3. JE
    I have driven Caddies for 50 years, and I know if you want that Cadillac soft and quiet ride, you need a 6000 lb. Lyriq and nothing smaller or lighter…and if you are the primary driver, the interior is the best available (with huge, curved and custom instruments and speakers everywhere). The problem is the long wait… took me 18 mos. To get my car!!!

    • Glad you got yours, James. I got mine too, VIN 000387, just over a fortnight ago on groundhog day, our 54th wedding anniversary (we were married in the New Guinea highlands).

      It’s a fantastic car that looks beautiful and handles beautifully, confirming everything you can learn about the Cadillac Lyriq on YouTube.

      But that’s all it does. Unlike our 2016 Toyota Mirai, whose seats were supremely comfortable, the Lyriq’s seats are so uncomfortable I have to use the same thick add-on cushions that made our 2017 and 2019 Chevy Bolts Premier bearable on drives of more than an hour. The Bolt’s reputation for painful seats seems not to have had any impact on the people who designed the Lyriq’s seats, which totally suck.

      Moreover it barely fits in my garage. But that I knew in advance, and realized I’d have to drive it very carefully into the garage so as not to scratch anything. So far no scratches, thanks to very careful driving in and out.

      Far worse is the user interface, which is more like Windows 3.1 than Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, or 11. Why did did GM have a bunch of LA drivers from Beverly Hills evaluate early versions instead of people from the SF Bay Area and Seattle who understand how to design user interfaces?

      The Lyriq’s user interface is like that 1980’s Adventure game with a maze of twisty passages all alike. I’ve spent hours exploring it and I’m still discovering interesting new things.

      One particularly interesting thing is that if the car doesn’t recognize your usual GM account then it lets you create a new one from scratch. However to type in the name of that account, each time you press a character the keyboard disappears and you have to click on the screen to bring the keyboard back, sometimes two or three times. It’s like no one ever tested that feature.

      I’d been assuming that the reason for not getting the car to me until February was that GM was waiting until they’d fixed all those bugs, but clearly not. I’m now terrified that some bug they failed to catch will kill me and my wife on our fortnightly 180-mile round-tripe drives between Palo Alto and Pacific Grove.

      And even adaptive cruise control still doesn’t work that worked beautifully on our 2016 Toyota Mirai, along with Auto Park and 360 birds eye view that worked beautifully on our 2017 and 2019 Chevy Bolts Premier. The only reason I bought this car instead of a Chevy Bolt EUV with Super Cruise is that I was betting that GM’s BEV3 platform had more sensors than its BEV2 platform. But what good is a BEV3 platform that doesn’t work compared with a BEV2 platform that does?

      What a waste of $59,965 with no Super Cruise given that a BEV2 with working Super Cruise costs only half that? The only reason I bought this ridiculous contraption is that I’ll be turning 80 next year and I’d been expecting that robots will be driving better than me by then. I chose GM’s Super Cruise because Consumer Reports ranked it ahead of all other car companies’ driver assistance products.

      Consumer Reports continues to bug me about signing up with them. Fat chance.

    • I also have owed Cadillacs. An SUV or a crossover doesn´t work for me. Therefore the Lyric doesn´t work for me. The Celestiq does, but it´s too expensive. I guess I´ll have to go for a Tesla Model S.

      • Don’t downgrade to an ugly electric! Buy a used CT6 which is a plug in hybrid electric.

        • I don’t think you know how to read the room.

    • And they keep advertising a vehicle they can’t deliver.what a wast if advertising dollars, it just reinforces the poor management at GM these days.

    • We need a sedan equal to the ct6 for ev replacement from the USA market not only China 😎😡😎

  4. 3 new evs in 2023? That’s great News —

    Added to the 122 LYRIQ sales in all of 2022, that would make a grand total of 125 Sales for 2022 and 2023 !!!

    Finally I will be able possibly to obtain my New Cadillac EV that debuted in 2020-2021 !

    Of course, in years past, they used to count multiples of the same model as the same car – but that seemingly is ‘Gone with the Past’ at (little) gm.

    This is the first and last time I have ‘ordered’ a vehicle from GM gm.. From now on, if it is not on the lot, they’ve lost a formerly repeat customer.

    • Bravo! My feelings exactly!


  6. I wonder where GM Authority and Cadillac Society are getting their news….

    Both sites have stated 2023 Lyriq
    Will end in March and 2024 Lyriq production will start.

    BUT, I am told by my dealer’s Sales Manager that, of their small allocation, my confirmed build order will be modified from blu metallic to BLACK, and will be manufactured MID APRIL 2023.

    Arrival will be may or June, 2023. 13 months late.
    Other than my vehicle in the confirmed allocation, the large dealership expects no other 2023’s and no 2024s until 8 (!!!!) Months later (in 2024).

  7. All this about EVs. First, guaranteed those who can afford to buy one will have a gas engine vehicle right next to it unless you don’t go driving to remote areas and I can name many a trips dented by the worst infrastructure. When Walmart becomes more than a place to shop, and charging times become less than 30 mins from almost empty to nearly full, maybe EVs will be practical beyond the administration’s ill conceived notions and misguided policies, period. When low income folks can again afford eggs and EV prices are completely equal to gas vehicles, then their will be a glimmer of something. The EVs from China are far better at being somewhat practical….EVgo is poorly supported and so impractical…no wonder GM used that worst infrastructure


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