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Small Electric Cadillac Crossover Spied Undergoing Testing

Small Electric Cadillac Crossover Spied Undergoing Testing

As Cadillac Society has been reporting for roughly the past two years, a small electric Cadillac crossover has been in development that would slot beneath the Lyriq in the luxury marque’s EV lineup. Now, Cadillac Society spies have captured the first photos of this mysterious small luxury EV crossover as it underwent testing in Michigan. 

The prototype EV appears to be approximately the same size as the current Cadillac XT4, which is the luxury marque’s smallest crossover. While the camouflage conceals the finer details, the prototype sports a profile similar to that of the Lyriq, especially in the slope of the roof. The C-pillar is also similar to what’s seen on the Lyriq, as is the subtle spoiler on the hatch. There’s a fairly obvious styling line that runs over the top of the EV’s rear wheel, extending through the rear door and culminating at the front door. 

The camo conceals quite a bit of the front fascia, concealing the “grille” and forward lighting elements. Even so, it’s highly likely that this model will feature an LED lighting display seen on the Lyriq and Celestiq show car. The tester is wearing a set of temporary headlights that aren’t indicative of what might make it to the production model, but these lights are arranged in a vertical orientation in congruence with the luxury marque’s design language. The rear fascia, meanwhile, will likely appear similar to the Lyriq, with vertical and horizontal LED accent lights and an LED brake light (CHMSL, or Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp).

This small electric Cadillac crossover will likely ride on a smaller version of the luxury marque’s BEV3 platform, which currently underpins the Lyriq and will also underpin the Celestiq. Motivation will be drawn from Ultium drive motors and Ultium battery technology.

As far as range goes, we imagine its number will be close to the Lyriq’s, which can travel approximately 300 miles on a single charge in the single motor, rear-drive configuration.

It’s currently unclear how Cadillac will name this particular model, but Cadillac has filed to trademark Lumistiq, Ascendiq, Vistiq, and Optiq. This small crossover will likely be built at the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico, and would be the first Cadillac to roll off the line at that particular facility.

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  1. And an affordable luxury sedan when? Not everybody likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what.

  2. This will be the ruin of gm.

    • That’s a pretty bold statement. Care to elaborate a bid on what your thoughts are and why? I’m very curious about the basis for your comment.

    • Top management at GM still have not gotten the message – or will not listen to Cadillac clients when we say that we want our luxury brand to be built by American workers in the USA!
      Why build a 2 billion plant for new EVs in Tennessee and then send new jobs to Mexico?
      We must get rid of those decision makers at GM in Detroit who will not support our declining luxury line made in America 🇺🇸

      • People buy Audis build in Mexico without so much as a blink.

  3. Why camouflage it? It looks just like all the other small so called SUVs

    • In saying that, do you mean that all of them have four wheels and a steering wheel? Doe all sedans also look the same to you?


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