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New Details About Cadillac Lyriq Interior Come To Light

New Details About Cadillac Lyriq Interior Come To Light

Cadillac briefly showed a concept version of the Lyriq electric car at a special event in March, and Cadillac Society has been here every step of the way to tell you all about the vehicle. In fact, we were the first to report on the Lyriq name, share photos of its interior, and tell you about its exterior design. And now, we have more details about the Cadillac Lyriq interior.

2+2 Seating Configuration

According to sources who attended the no-cameras event, the Cadillac Lyriq concept features a 2+2 seating layout, with chairs for the driver and front passenger in the front, and two seats in the rear. In other words, the show car doesn’t have a five-passenger seating configuration.

Sources tell us that the way the cabin is configured is very similar to that of the Cadillac Escala concept from several years ago. It’s unclear whether the final vehicle will reach the market as a four-seater, or whether the production version will adopt a five-seat configuration. One possibility is that the five-seat setup will be standard, while a four-seat package will be offered as an option.

Gobs Of Rear Seat Room

Sources also tell us that the Cadillac Lyriq interior featured a spacious rear seat that could be described as “palatial.” The rear seat space was said to be larger than that of a typical midsize crossover, such as the current Cadillac XT5. In fact, we were told that there might be more space in the second row than there is in the front row.

The healthy rear seat space is enabled by relatively large rear doors, which we can kind of see in Cadillac’s teaser image.

Though a healthy amount of rear seat room is welcome everywhere, it is particularly important in China, which has become Cadillac’s largest market by sales volume in the recent past.

Displays Galore

The Cadillac Lyriq interior is said to contain an even larger display than the 38-inch unit found in the all-new 2021 Escalade. Not only does the Lyriq have a large screen spanning nearly the entire width of the dashboard, but there are also screens where the center console resides in current models. The introduction of various large screens in the cockpit lines up with what Cadillac Society reported back in February.

Meanwhile, second row passengers are also treated to at least three displays: two located on the back of the driver and front passenger seats, and another slotted between the two rear seats.

Tasteful Materials

We’re told that the show car had a lot of aluminum accents that combined well with the cabin’s overall neutral colors, with leather seating surfaces and some cloth textures. Much like the 2+2 setup, we can see the color combination in the leaked images.

That said, expect the production version to offer a gamut of available interior color combinations and materials, including neutral, dark, and even red, along with inlays from aluminum, wood and carbon fiber.

Launch Timing

Though the model described here is a concept, we’re told that the overwhelming majority of these items will carry over into the production model. Cadillac initially planned to reveal the Lyriq concept car in April, but those plans have since been scrapped as a result of COVID-19. It’s currently unclear when the vehicle will debut, though a likely candidate could be the New York International Auto Show. The event was rescheduled from April to August, should conditions allow.

The Lyriq is to be the first of many Cadillac electric vehicles planned to be released in the near- and medium-term future. The model was to go into production for the 2021 calendar year. Whether that timeframe will hold is currently unclear. According to our sources, the Lyriq will be followed by a smaller EV crossover, as well as an electric version of the Escalade.

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