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Cadillac Lyriq Electric Crossover Interior Shots Leak

Cadillac Lyriq Electric Crossover Interior Shots Leak

A few days ago, we reported that the upcoming Cadillac electric crossover would be called Lyriq, with production slated to kick off in 2022. Then, just yesterday, we reported on a teaser of the Lyriq’s exterior shape. Now, new images of the crossover’s futuristic concept cabin space have leaked, providing a glimpse of Cadillac’s design direction for the premium all-electric offering.

The images appear to come from the recent GM EV Day event held by Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, earlier this week. Again, these images are of the concept vehicle, and it remains to be seen how close they are to the actual production vehicle.

Looking over the leaked photos, we see a very long digital screen that stretches from end to end of the Cadillac Lyriq’s dash, which is a similar design to that of the next-gen 2021 Cadillac Escalade. The steering wheel is square, and comes topped by a glossy black strip. This latter detail would seem to indicate the inclusion of Super Cruise, Cadillac’s semi-autonomous driver assistance technology. There’s also rotary control on the center tunnel, while premium trim and upholstery are prevalent throughout.

The second photo of the Cadillac Lyriq interior is with the doors open, providing a much better view of the seats. The seat design is definitely outlandish, and doesn’t look anything close to something that Cadillac would put into production. We also see that the steering wheel is tucked up underneath the dash, a feature which is also unlikely to see production.

The final image shows the rear-seat entertainment setup, with the seat backs providing passengers with a multitude of infotainment possibilities. The rear seats are divided by a large center console.

All told, these Cadillac Lyriq interior concept images paint a rather innovative design direction for the new all-electric crossover. Look for the concept to debut in April, at which time we’ll get the full rundown on the concept EV’s styling and features.

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  1. Vaporware.

  2. Clearly concept pics………..

  3. Rear entertainment is being done in the 2021 SUV’s. The cloth interior is available in the 2021 Escalade, so there are some hints.

  4. backseat area looks HUGE! Look at the size of the rear door glass. I hope its that big and looks like that ….but it never will

    • It looks as there will not be any “B” columns.

      • Yea I see that now, good eye

    • I think these pics are actually that of the Celestiq sedan and not the Lyric.

  5. Oh! it’s made in China…………KEEP IT!

    • Where does it say that?
      BTW all Cadillacs are made in China that are sold in China/Asia. Even your beloved CT6.

      But if your comment is to imply that American market Lyriqs will be built there, I don’t rhink that’s the case.

    • Do not like the names picked. Cadillac Standard of the World.

  6. That is not the Lyriq and that is nor from EV Day. That is a concept from a video shown at the XT6 reveal.



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