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Cadillac Celestiq Show Car: Here It Is

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car: Here It Is

After countless delays and months of teasers, the Cadillac Celestiq show car was finally revealed today. 

Cadillac’s future is all about battery-powered electric vehicles, and the Celestiq will lead the way into this next chapter in the luxury marque’s history. The sportback sedan was designed with Cadillac’s 120-year-long heritage in mind, as design and engineering teams sought inspiration from the luxury marque’s bespoke V-16 coaches, and especially from the hand-built 1957 Cadillac Brougham.

The Celestiq features a sleek, low profile that slopes downward into a fastback-like rear end. Its design is strikingly similar to the Cadillac Lyriq, boasting sculpted body lines and sharp angles. Its front fascia boasts an integrated LED display and the luxury marque’s signature vertical headlights, while the taillights accentuate the slope of the rear window with an L-shaped design.

Premium technology is abound within the Cadillac Celestiq show car interior. The infotainment system is governed by five high-definition LED interactive displays. A massive 55-inch diagonal LED display spans the dashboard, featuring digital blinds that bar the driver from viewing videos being watched by the passenger, eliminating distractions. Up top, the Cadillac Celestiq features a roof with SPD SmartGlass, split into four quadrants of variable lighting, enabling passengers to control their respective zone’s opacity. The Celestiq will also be one of the first vehicles to feature Ultra Cruise, which will be capable of handling up to 95 percent of driving scenarios without human input

“We’ve combined the beauty of function with the beauty of form,” said Laetitia Lopez, creative designer of Cadillac Color and Trim. “We had to reconsider all aspects to immerse the customer, all of their senses, and create a connection with the vehicle through the finest genuine materials, exceptional detailing and advanced technology.”

It’s important to note that the vehicle unveiled today is a show car, and not everything seen here will make it to the production model.

The Cadillac Celestiq will be built in very small numbers at the GM Global Technical Center, thanks to an $81 million investment in the facility. The luxury marque states that more information on the production model, including availability, will be revealed “at a later date.” Sources have indicated that interested customers should expect the Celestiq to carry a price tag of over $300,000.  

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  1. After all the hype and wait I’ll keep my ELR at any price. The interior appears to be wonderful, but I thought American Motors went out of business. The rear half of exterior is so bad.

  2. Beautiful, and unapproachable at over 300k for 99.9% of Caddy buyers. I realize the reason for this car, to be sold in crazy-LOW numbers because of price, is a car to bring people in the showroom and make the brand higher class. But then Caddy kills the XLR according to them because it didn’t sell as well as expected (it didn’t), but as a marketing tool it was THE sportiest and coolest 2 seater that made the Caddy hatters AND young people think Caddy is cool again. Their goal was to lower the average age of the buyer and that car, even just seen in the showroom, as a marketing tool (like this Celestiq is) did just that. It was built on existing Corvette chassis in same plant, and only cost 40 extra employees, yet it was killed AFTER the investment to design and build, and now GM is spending 81 Million on the plant for another marketing ULTRA low volume car. SMH

    • RI you are so right. Cadillac is the champion at wasting money and canceling vehicles when they finally get the m right. The XLR that you mentioned ,the CT6 with the Blackwing Engine. Thats just to name a few examples of money wasted and vehicles killed just when they get them right and made them the way they should have been from the start.

  3. Cadillac lost it places in favour of Mercedes, now they tried to beat Roll-Royce. Could they just reintegrate the place of being Cadillac. The Celestiq is just a more expensive look a like of the Lyriq.
    My next car will not be a 300 000$+ Cadillac, at that price some other high-end luxury car will be a better buy.
    The management of Cadillac need a Wake-up Call.

  4. Breathtaking elegance in its design. Very modern and quietly confident in itself. A ‘nothing but the best’ attitude. I’d say it looks like a $300k automobile should look like.

    It’s a design with influences from different parts of the world, but one that has decidedly gone its own way forward, down its own path. It doesn’t necessarily fit into any particular classification – is it a sedan? A crossover/SUV? A station wagon or shooting brake? A sporty exotic? People need to look at it as its own creation, one that has chosen the best of the various elements and blended them into something quite special and unique.

    To me, its beauty is effortless and without excuses. Nothing but the best.

  5. STUARTH If it is as you say nothing but the best the it is as every Cadillac should be and should have been throughout the years. But we all know Cadillac have traded quality for volume and cheapened up their vehicles compared to their intended competition over the past 40 years or so. In so doing the plan backfired on them and caused the to lose sales and become almost extinct. Let’s hope this is the start of a new era for Cadillac and they become the standard of the world again. I like everything about it except the rear. But my taste and is my taste.


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