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Cadillac Celestiq Could Carry A Price Tag Of $300,000

Cadillac Celestiq Could Carry A Price Tag Of $300,000

The ethereal Cadillac Celestiq is set to be unveiled in full by the end of summer, and as that date draws closer, more details are coming out about the electric flagship sedan. As previously reported by Cadillac Society, the Celestiq will be hand-built in very small numbers at the GM Global Technical Center, and will feature premium technologies like Ultra Cruise and SPD SmartGlass. Now, new information about the upcoming electric sedan’s price point suggest that those interested in the vehicle should expect to shell out no less than $300,000.

Previous reports indicated that the Celestiq would be priced at around the $200,000 mark, but The Wall Street Journal recently reported that its cost will be quite a bit higher at $300,000. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Cadillac Celestiq will be exclusively sold and marketed in “affluent” communities around a demographic of customers who will be more receptive to its high price point.

That $300,000 price tag isn’t completely unwarranted, though. The Celestiq will be the most customizable vehicle ever built by Cadillac, and buyers will be able to customize  even minute details of the luxury electric sedan. For example, if they want interior wood trim made from a very specific tree, Cadillac will accommodate this request. That means that no two Cadillac Celestiq models will be exactly alike.

So far, Cadillac has provided only very small glimpses of what the upcoming Celestiq show car will look like. Earlier this month, the marque teased several aspects of the electric sedan’s exterior, including the headlight front fender design. More recently, Cadillac released a series of images showing off the Celestiq interior, depicting the electric sedan’s seats, speakers, and interior door panels.

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  1. I love Cadillac, it’s all I’ve driven since 1980, I swear by it, I defend it, however, a $300K price tag is totally ridiculous and irresponsible!
    I don’t care how new and unique it may be, asking that amount of money for something brand new and untested in the real world, I just can’t believe it. I wish them all the best, all the success, but I feel once the excitement wears off, they’ll cancel it just like so many ambitious car projects they’ve tried in the past. I hope I’m wrong!

    • The difference between the Celestiq and the other failed projects you mention is that this has been planned from the get-go with a very clear and specific purpose. All of Cadillac’s other efforts have been poorly planned, poorly executed, or both. For instance, the CT6 was supposed to have been the LTS originally, before changing course on positioning about 15 months prior to launch. We already know how well that went.

  2. At $300,000 Cadillac will be lucky to sell one Celestiq…to Mary Barra.
    This is a beautiful car, but Cadillac should be focused on building cars that people will buy, like a replacement for the CT6 or a modern day Seville.

    • Cadillac will only be able to make a true business case for vehicles like a CT6 replacement when it can sell enough of them. To do so, the brand image needs to be elevated and improved substantially. The Celestiq will do just that.

      And there is a bigger market for these than you express in your comment.

  3. Wow. Despite the other criticisms, I can see a market for this. It’s a LUXURY vehicle and unique. There would be people out there willing to buy it. You know…athletes, rappers, musicians, rich people. If folks are willing to buy Teslas, then they will shell out money for a luxury electric vehicle. There are people out there that like getting exclusive stuff that no one else has.

  4. Cadillac HAD a halo 2 seater, the XLR, and they SHOULD have kept it in showrooms to attract younger buyers, consider it advertising, because young people loved that car and was a way to bring in young buyers. And since it was essentially a Vette, there was very little additional funding needed and the development was already done so all they had to save was the 40 extra workers involved in it …and it was canned for poor sales …right after a very nice refresh on interior and exterior. They just dont get it. But then they spend all this wasted advertising money on the wrong aspects of their cars …like grandma in the back seat of an ATS (the best DRIVERS compact car at the time on the market) being surprised it has WiFi. Who is making all these poor decisions?? Good to have a halo expensive car, but NOT 200 or 300k.

  5. Jag föddes i en Cadillac Limousine på väg till moderskap. Min far och vi har ägt många Cadillac, Lincoln, Imperial, Mercedes, BMW och vi hävdar att Cadillac är den bästa och mest pålitliga bilen i världen. Modeller vi hade och antal: Coupe de Ville 7, Sedan de Ville 3, Eldorado Seville 2, Eldorado Broughan 1, Eldorado Biarritz 1, Fleetwood 8, Fleetwwod Eldorado2, CTS SerieV 2, Alanté 1, Escalade 1. Vi kommer förmodligen köpa en Cadillac Celestiq om det godkänns.
    I was born in a Cadillac Limousine on my way to motherhood. My father and we have owned many Cadillacs, Lincolns, Imperials, Mercedes, BMWs and we claim that Cadillac is the best and most reliable automobile in the world. Models we had and quantity: Coupe de Ville 7, Sedan de Ville 3, Eldorado Seville 2, Eldorado Broughan 1, Eldorado Biarritz 1, Fleetwood 8, Fleetwwod Eldorado2, CTS SerieV 2, Alanté 1, Escalade 1. We will probably buy a Cadillac Celestiq if it is approved.

  6. There’s definitely going to be a market for this car the old saying if you got to ask the price you can’t afford it.


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