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Upcoming Cadillac Celestiq Flagship Sedan Could Be Unveiled In June

Upcoming Cadillac Celestiq Flagship Sedan Could Be Unveiled In June

The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq flagship electric sedan could finally be unveiled in June 2022, Cadillac Society has learned.

So far, the Celestiq has proved to be quite elusive. The luxury marque teased its existence back in early 2021, providing a glimpse of the luxury show car, without showing the complete vehicle. Then, we learned that Cadillac was planning to reveal the Celestiq in the summer of 2021 and then in early 2022. Both timeframes have now passed, likely as a result of delays stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Now, our sources have told us to tentatively expect the Cadillac Celestiq to be unveiled this June.

As of this writing, information about the Celestiq is few and far between, but Cadillac Society has discovered a bit about the upcoming electric flagship. We know that it will slightly larger than the CT6 with a design similar to that of the Lyriq – Cadillac’s first electric vehicle that began production in March at the Cadillac Spring Hill plant.

In addition, the Celestiq will feature a panoramic glass roof made of SPD SmartGlass technology divided into four quadrants with adjustable opacity, depending on passenger preference. Not only does this grant an extra layer of customization to the luxury electric sedan, but it could help increase the Celestiq’s driving range by reducing cabin temperature and therefore putting less demand on the air conditioning system.

Additionally, the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq will be one of the first vehicles to feature Ultra Cruise, the luxury marque’s advanced autonomous assist technology. Ultra Cruise will be capable of handling up to 90 percent of driving scenarios on the road with complete autonomy. 

With the exception of batteries and frame/body stampings, the Cadillac Celestiq will be hand-built in the Detroit area and carry a starting price tag of around $200,000.

We’ll provide more details on the Celestiq as soon as we get them. Until then, be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for more Cadillac Celestiq news and around-the-clock Cadillac news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions in our Cadillac forums.

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  1. Bigger than the CT6?, where is the entry level model to replace the CT4? That should be their focus!

  2. If Cadillac actually believes they will sell a $200,000 sedan against a $120,000 Mercedes EQS they are dreaming.

    • After 35 years with Cadillacs. The last two were NYS a certified Lemons . Never again . These isnt your Fathers Cadillac .His was much better
      I can tell it’s 5pm on Friday when they make these cars. Good luck to the buyers

  3. 200,000? You’ve got to be kidding me! I love Cadillac, but this is so GM. Put a huge price tag on a brand new car to show some sort of exclusivity, the sales numbers won’t reach expectations, and it will be discontinued within 5 years. What a shame! Why don’t they use a more feasible price of perhaps $100,000, get a large number on the road for the public to see and accept, then move on from there. They do it with so many great models such as the Cadillac Allante, XLR, the Chevy SSR, just to name a few. You have to earn the public’s trust and respect with something brand new, then maybe later you have them dig deeper in their pockets. I am so pro GM and Cadillac, I’m President of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club in South Florida, but all other prospective buyers will remain with the tried and tested cars of M-B, BMW, ROLLS, BENTLEY, etc. before they dish out this kind of money!

  4. Wish Agroup of investors would step in and save Cadillac from this suicidal path. Electric cars one day may be what is needed, but only after upgrading the electrical grid system to handle demand and getting super charging stations around the country.

    I can”t even to begin to imagine how any EV Cadillac will be sold in any area outside the east and west coast. Being sold in Texas, Oklahoma, mid west, south east and other not large urban areas is a non starter.

    • I agree with you 100% , what are they thinking?

  5. Cadillac made their mistake when they quit being ultra luxury and competing with Rolls Royce and the likes. Instead they went for sales not first rate quality performance and exclusiveness.
    With the variety of cars GM had at the time Cadillac didn’t need to compete with Buick and Oldsmobile.

  6. Fire Mary Barra and get a car person in there to head up GM. She is killing all the brands and is raping Cadillac. Not all of us want a mall-crawler, a CUV, an SUV or an EV. Some of us want a large full-sized luxury sedan that can hold 4-5 adults in comfort and style. A CT4 is basically a 2-passenger car and the CT5 is at best made for 3. Both ride terribly and the anemic turbo 4 cylinder can almost get out of its own way. The box on box of all the CUV/SUV makes are boring and ugly regardless of how many LED’s you put on them. My dealer told me to steer clear of the Lyriq for at least 2 years while they work out the bugs and get the AWD version into the market reliably.

    We own 2-CT6’s and waited 6 months for my 2020 Premium Luxury when we ordered it. My dealer called me and offered me $10K over the sticker for my 2020 so he would have a Cadillac on the floor. He then offered me what I paid for the 2017. Dealers are crying for full sized sedans and inventory. He has Buick, Chevy, GMC and Cadillac franchises and the lot is a ghost town. He used to have 100+ cars on the lot, now it is basically a used car lot.

    If they can develop a new CT6 for China, why can’t it be made and sold in the U.S. where Cadillac was the marquee that people strived for? I guess I’ll look at Mercedes, Audi or maybe a Genesis when I start to shop again.


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