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Cadillac Sold 43 Units Of All-New CT5 Sedan In Q4 2019

Cadillac Sold 43 Units Of All-New CT5 Sedan In Q4 2019

As first reported by Cadillac Society, the all-new Cadillac CT5 began arriving in limited quantities at dealers across the United States in the last few days of the December 2019, and the new sedan already managed to deliver a handful of units during that short time frame.

In total, Cadillac recorded 43 deliveries of the all-new CT5 Sedan in the fourth quarter of 2019. Though the number isn’t significant, it does mark the start of CT5 sales.

The Cadillac CT5 lands into the luxury car space (D car segment) to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Lexus IS, Infiniti Q50, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Genesis G70.

2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan

In that regard, the Cadillac CT5 replaces the now-discontinued ATS Sedan, which was the luxury brand’s D-segment entry to take on the aforementioned rivals. At its peak, the ATS range – which included the four-door sedan and two-door coupe, plus the V-Series variants of each – saw 38,319 deliveries in the United States (see complete ATS sales numbers). That took place during the 2013 calendar year – the ATS’ first full year on the market. Subsequent years saw sales gradually taper, with 29,890 units delivered in 2014, 26,873 in 2015, 21,505 in 2016, as well as 13,100 and 10,859 in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

In North America, the Cadillac CT5 will be Cadillac’s largest sedan for the foreseeable future, as the luxury automaker discontinued U.S. production of the CT6 large prestige sedan in February. That model could eventually find a successor, but as an electric model, based on comments from Cadillac President, Steve Carlisle. Most recently, Caddy showed off a conceptual version of a large flagship sedan called Celestiq. The fully-electric sedan features a fastback profile much like the Escala concept car. If brought to production, the vehicle will be hand-built and will carry a six-figure price tag in the $200,000 range.

As for the CT5, Cadillac is currently selling the “regular” CT5 available in Luxury (base), Premium Luxury and Sport trim levels. It is powered by a twin-scroll, turbo-charged 2.0L engine (production code LSY) mated making 238 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A ten-speed automatic transmission does shifting duty.

2020 Cadillac CT5-V

The next chapter of the CT5 story is the CT5-V, which is now arriving at dealers. The new entry-level performance model is part of Cadillac’s recently-coined two-tier V-Series strategy and features a twin-turbo V6 engine (production code LGY) rated at 360 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque, mated to a 10-speed auto.

Next-level Cadillac CT5-V, believed to be called CT5-V Blackwing

Following the launch of the CT5-V, Cadillac will also launch the “next-level” CT5-V within the next year. The model was initially planned to carry the Blackwing name, but that may change by the time the vehicle comes to market. Power is expected to come from the supercharged 6.2L V8 engine (production code LT4) carried over from the third-gen CTS-V, where the beastly engine made 640 horsepower. A six-speed manual and a ten-speed automatic transmission will be available, along with a host of chassis and suspension upgrades.

Whether CT5 sales will meet, exceed, or fall short of its predecessor is anyone’s guess. But two things the CT5 has going against it are the lack of a two-door coupe model plus a market segment that is hot for crossovers, and cold on sedans.

We’ll follow the launch of the CT5 closely, so be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for more Cadillac CT5 news and ongoing Cadillac news coverage.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. I almost ordered a CT5 Premium Luxury, but came to my senses and located a 2020 CT6 instead. The CT5 is probably a decent replacement for the ATS, but in now way should it be considered a replacement for the CTS. Its just too damn small and generic. I’m sorry to say that, in my opinion, its not worthy of the Crest on its grill.

    • No one is saying the CT5 is a replacement for the CTS. Not even Cadillac.

      • Greg – unfortunately, that’s not the case. A significant amount of publications (automotive and otherwise) continue making that mistake. It’s a sad state of affairs when even auto journalists don’t get it.

        Frank – I wholeheartedly disagree. Sure, the CT5 is not a CT6… just like a 3 Series is not a 5 or 7 Series. But the CT5 is a damn good luxury automobile. Had it beed a front-drive-based rebadge, I would have agreed with you. But it’s not – far from it, actually.

        • I have seen this in the press. I was referring to “official” sources.

        • From a size perspective, the CT5 is closer to the CTS. But from a pricing perspective, it’s a lot closer to the ATS, which is why its being compared against the 3 Series. Interestingly, the Blackwing CT5 was being tested alongside the M5 in spy shots. The CT4, on the other hand, is nearly the exact same size as the ATS. Also, people need to go to a dealership and actually look at the CT5 in person. Its a damn good looking car.

  2. There’s one on my wish list. Perfect size for me. CT6 too big, CTS too small. The trunk is actually more reasonable than the numbers would suggest and a real back seat. My XTS is too nice to trade away right now.


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