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Future Cadillac Flagship Sedan To Be Electric, Will Be Called Celestiq

Future Cadillac Flagship Sedan To Be Electric, Will Be Called Celestiq

Production of the Cadillac CT6 large sedan ended in February 2020 for the North American market. With the CT6 went the hopes of many who were looking to purchase a large Cadillac sedan. Luckily, there’s good news on the horizon for that camp, and it comes in the form of a future Cadillac flagship sedan.

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac is planning a large flagship sedan that it might currently be planning on calling Celestiq, Cadillac Society has learned from sources familiar with the matter.

The electric vehicle (EV) will set a new standard for a luxury EV sedan. Moreover, the Cadillac Celestiq will represent the ultimate expression of Cadillac design and technology, while featuring a bold and dramatic presence and unparalleled refinement and levels of innovation.

Much like Cadillac’s upcoming Lyriq electric crossover, the adoption of the Celestiq name on the upcoming Cadillac flagship sedan eschews the alphanumeric nomenclature established by the CT6 and XT5 in 2015. According to sources familiar with the project, the new names are supposed to more accurately represent the key characteristics of Cadillac EVs.

A pre-production model, which we have been told will be a concept-level vehicle, will be shown in a presentation later today. Cadillac Society will be on hand to cover the event.

Cadillac Escala Concept

The timing of the arrival of the production model is currently unclear, but we do know that the vehicle will go into production by 2025, if not before then. It’s been rumored that the upcoming Cadillac flagship sedan / Cadillac Celestiq will have a design that closely resembles that of the Cadillac Escala concept.

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  1. I think Cadillac needs to have a decent size sedan in the line-up now. The biggest car available with a crest on its brill is the CT5 and its a very generic little sedan that doesn’t have the style or grace of a Cadillac. If Cadillac waits until 2025 to introduce a flag ship sedan, it may be too late and if their only flagship is electric, it will be too little, too late !!!

    • Have you seen the CT-5 on the street.I have. It’s a Cadillac in every word. And how can the new car be to late. To late for what.

  2. This is a vehicle that is required to compete and get a head start against the luxury electrics from the foreign brands. Good work, Cadillac! Now begin the best marketing possible and erase the old and foolish “import is better” mindset of the present!

  3. Hmmmmmm.

    Good news:
    As we suspected, the CT6 will be “Avenged” and a similar vehicle will be offered in its place……

    Less-Than-Good news:

    I do hope the car (it seems so strange to use the word “car” anymore) sees showroom floors before 2025.

    Not sure what to make of the name. Not sure how to pronounce it. Is it “Sell-Estick”, or “Sell-Es-TEEK”? Last year (or earlier, maybe) there was news that a car called “Escala” was cleared for production. ALEX: Do you think this is the same car and they decided to change the name?

    I’m looking forward to seeing the “Concept”. I must say I think it’s chance-y to unviel something so far ahead of a production cars availability. Also, as with all Concepts, so many will be VOCALLY disappointed in any differences or shortcomings (real or imagined) when the production car arrives.

    Bring it on…..

  4. Also: Will photos be allowed?

    • Apparently no photos were allowed so we won’t see the car for quite a while yet.

  5. Just got this at MOTOR1:

    “…….The Celestiq is far longer, much lower, and significantly wider than the Lyriq – it’s a striking piece of design, if not an especially attractive one.”


  6. I just read that this car will be a hand-built, low volume (and likely very expensive) affair. I guess this means it’s less important just when it is made available. I’m hoping that the Cadillac Brand and its upcoming products will be strong enough to support it.

    • …and as a built-to-order specialty vehicle, the Celestiq is not really a replacement for CT6.

  7. A ridiculously expensive “hand built” car made in numbers too small to bother counting, just what Cadillac needs. Time for Ruess to retire. I love the new Corvette,and the trucks have some real cool features, so there’s that. The thing is, the rest of the portfolio is made up up of cookie-cutter SUV/CUVs, there’s the headlong rush into EVs at the expense of current sales, and now this drivel proves that Generally Mediocre still hasn’t a clue. Sad.

    • Cadillac needs to distance itself more from Buick and Chevrolet. One way would be to extend the wheel base’s of their vehicles like they used to do in the 50’s and 60’s. Their engines should be rated with higher horse power. All paint colors should be different than the rest. Just my opinion,.

      • This vehicle will have no engine.

  8. Im so glad to see this. I just took delivery of a CT6 Platinum and wondered if its eventual replacement will be a Cadillac. I love the CT6, its a terrific car in so many ways. Eventually (3-4 years) down the road, I will replace it. If Cadillac has a true flagship, Ill buy it and Im glad to see this car is in the works. The current sedans are generic and can be badged as any kind of car. Can’t wait to see pictures and details, keep up the great work guys!

  9. I am on my second CT6-a 2017 and now a 2020. If Cadillac waits until 2025 to bring out a full-sized sedan, that will cut their potential customers off at the knees and they will look at foreign makes. I, like Ken Baker, love my CT6 Premium Luxury, We took delivery is September 2019 after ordering it in June. It is a capable, comfortable and yes dare I say economical luxury car. This is our 5th Caddy and I’ll buy more if they continue with a true full sided car. I heard a dealer say the a Chevy Malibu was full size. Are they blind to what we really want?

    Not everyone wants a small car, SUV/CUV or truck. Keep our full sized, large luxury cars. We’ve worked hard to buy them and shame on GM and Cadillac if they desert us.

  10. Celestiq? That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard. I prefer the number/letter combo to that. Yikes. Current owner of two 2019 Caddy’s and have had more than 10 in the family in the past decade.

  11. I’m assuming the name is pronounced…(sell-s-teek)….If what I’ve been told is true, it will be produced in China, and shipped over here,…. or at the very least, the chassis and electrics manufactured in China, and shipped over here for final assembly…in that case, I don’t want it…..

    • It was stated that the car will be built in the US.

  12. I guess Cadillac will refer to these new, upcoming electrics as the……”Q” cars…….


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