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Next-Level Cadillac V-Series Cars To Be Called ‘Blackwing’

Next-Level Cadillac V-Series Cars To Be Called ‘Blackwing’

Cadillac’s “next-level” V-Series cars will be called Blackwing, Cadillac Society has exclusively learned.

According to sources familiar with Cadillac’s product plans, the luxury automaker has chosen the Blackwing name for its “next-level” V-Series cars – the ones that will slot above the Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V announced on May 30th. Meanwhile, the “next-level” CT4-V and CT5-V, shown in prototype form on June 1st at the Belle Isle Grand Prix, will be called “CT4-V Blackwing” and “CT5-V Blackwing,” respectively.

Cadillac CT4-V

A prototype of the “next-Level” Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

Not Just An Engine

Blackwing – a name inspired by the merlette, the black bird that adorns the original Cadillac emblem – is the name of Cadillac’s new twin-turbo Dual OverHead Cam (DOHC) V8 engine. The motor, assigned production code LTA, is currently offered in two range-topping Cadillac CT6 trim levels – Platinum and CT6-V (initially announced as the CT6 V-Sport).

Blackwing V8 engine

But despite Blackwing being the name of the boosted eight-banger, Cadillac will use the Blackwing moniker for the most potent expressions of its V-Series cars, thereby creating a new sub-brand above and beyond the new line of V-Series models – the CT4-V, CT5-V and CT6-V.

A Change In Strategy

The bifurcation of Cadillac V-Series offerings into “regular” V (like the CT5-V) and “next-level” V (like the CT5-V Blackwing) is part of a strategy to make the V-Series brand more accessible to more consumers. To paraphrase General Motors President Mark Reuss, Cadillac V-Series cars in past were “hammers” that intimidated a significant amount of the car-buying public.

With this newfound two-tier V-Series strategy, the luxury carmaker hopes to attain significantly higher levels of commercial success in the sport-luxury space with the new and more accessible CT4-V, CT5-V and CT6-V, which should attract new customers to the brand. Meanwhile, those who have traditionally purchased the more capable V-Series models will be able to continue to do so with the “next-level” Blackwing offerings. Cadillac’s primary rivals – BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi – have employed a similar strategy with great levels of success.


Besides information provided by Cadillac Society sources, two major occurrences previously indicated that Cadillac will use the Blackwing name for its “next-level” V-Series cars.

202 Cadillac CT4-V (left) and CT5-V (right)

The first one came in September 2018, when Cadillac parent, General Motors Company, filed to trademark “Blackwing” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The second came during the reveal event for the Cadillac CT4-V and Cadillac CT5-V, when Reuss told journalists on the sidelines of the event that more powerful versions of the CT4-V and CT5-V will become available at a later date.

Cadillac CT5-V

A prototype of the “next-Level” Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

He followed that up with, “How do you like the Blackwing name?”

At the time, most everyone concluded that he was referring to the Blackwing V8 engine. But, knowing what we know now, we believe that Reuss’ statement was a veiled clue about the name of the next-level V-Series models, rather than the Blackwing V8.

Question is, will the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing cradle the Blackwing V8? We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for more Cadillac CT4 news, Cadillac CT5 news and ongoing Cadillac news coverage.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. I can’t wait for these two cars….
    This is going to be a great day for Cadillac

  2. Glad to see something patented by Cadillac coming to fruition–these seem like great cars if the Blackwing V-8 is within–now let’s hope they produce the Coupe model shown in patent drawings last summer!

  3. I want a CT5-V Blackwing to go please. No need to wrap it.

    • Yessir

  4. Where is the wagon!

  5. Nice job, Alex. Glad to see that Cadillac Society is more than an aggregator.

    • Thanks Dennis :). Though to be fair, all Motrolix properties are “more than” aggregators… much more, in fact.

  6. It makes sense if they’re both distinguished by their Blackwing engines. Otherwise, it’s going to be really confusing. Either way, I’m excited to see what they release!

  7. Let’s hope the CT4-V Blackwing GETS a Blackwing.

    It’s already been assumed the CT5-V should have one.

    But to visually differentiate V Blackwings from ‘normal’ Vs, darken the badging, to include the crest.

  8. Beautiful new Caddies with exciting potential.

    They have come a long ways from my second Caddie, a 41′ 62-Series sedan with a 150-hp Flathead engine. I ran Fenton finned aluminum heads and a Fenton 2_2-barrel aluminum manifold with a 3/4 cam. Given enough room I could put it over the century mark(indicated) and it was solid on the road at that speed, but the tires of the day were always worrisome at Speed even though, I ran Goodyear Double Eagles on the big cars.

    I still have a collection of Kelsey-Hayes Caddie wires.

  9. I hope that CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing V8 models make it to production. The current CT4-V and CT5-V models don’t interest me in the least. However, a CT4-V Blackwing with a twin turbo V8 might make me consider trading in my ATS-V.

  10. I have the 2014 SRX Model, it’s hard getting into the vehicle for those who have back problems such as myself, went to look at the newest version, and they are just as bad when it comes to getting into the vehicle, as a matter of fact they have decrease the room volume a lot more. I love the rest of the features except for the above mentioned. That’s why I’m truly considering upgrading to the Land Rover family, for more of the comfort zone lane.

  11. I wish they would bring back the 2 door cts. I love my 2014 but ready to upgrade

  12. I have a 2016 ATS-V. Great car, but the back seat is a waste of space. It is unusable. Hard to get in and out and no leg room. I’m looking forward to a 4 door (CT5-V BW) with a back seat that is usable.


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