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Next-Gen Cadillac XT5 Interior Design Leaked In China

Next-Gen Cadillac XT5 Interior Design Leaked In China

The second-gen Cadillac XT5 is on its way to China, and Cadillac Society has kept a close eye on the forthcoming luxury crossover’s development since we were the first to report on its existence back in 2021. Earlier this year, photos of the revamped XT5 surfaced in the Asian country, giving us a first look at its exterior design, but so far we’ve relied on spy shots of camo-clad prototypes to show us what’s in store for the interior. However, thanks to a new leaked photo from China, we’re finally granted a good look at the forthcoming XT5 cockpit. 

The new photo shows the next-gen Cadillac XT5 interior completely uncovered, complete with its curved 33-inch curved infotainment display that extends from behind the steering wheel toward the center stack, seemingly identical to the screen found in the Cadillac Lyriq and refreshed Cadillac XT4. Additionally, the new XT5 features a glossy finish beneath the infotainment screen, along with a continuous horizontal air vent extending toward the passenger’s side of the center stack, identical to what’s found in the Lyriq. In fact, the XT5 is the first ICE-powered model to feature this air vent design.

Second-Gen Cadillac XT5 prototype interior

Cadillac Lyriq interior

We can also see the steering wheel, which looks similar – if not identical – to the one on the Lyriq, as well as most of the center console, which starts off with a wireless/inductive phone charging pad, followed by controls of the infotainment system via several buttons and a rotary dial. To the right of that, we can see a set of vertically-stacked cupholders.

Since the market for this vehicle will primarily be China, the 2025 Cadillac XT5 is being ‘homeroomed’ in the Asian country, meaning that the luxury marque’s Chinese division is responsible for the design and development of the second-gen XT5, as well as bringing the next-generation model to market. It will ride on the new C1-2 platform, an iteration of the current C1 platform’s architecture. 

At this time, there are no plans to offer the second-gen XT5 outside of China. While the luxury crossover will be produced and marketed as a 2025 model year vehicle in North America, it will be a carryover from the 2024 model year. In other words, the first-gen model will still be offered stateside, although Cadillac did weigh interest in bringing the second-gen model to North America. Whether that resulted in a change in the original decision is currently unclear.

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  1. The 2nd Gen XT5 is a great looking car/SUV/CUV/whatever. I believe it would sell like crazy in the US. Cadillac should market it in the US with a Hybrid power train. Cadillac needs a hybrid to bridge the gap between ICE products and EVs.

    • Again China… Is GM also owned by China!!

    • Agree! This is a nice looking vehicle. We switched from GM to Land Rover since GM had no nice vehicles this size. This would bring us back!


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