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Poll: Are You A Fan Of Cadillac’s New IQ Naming Strategy?

Poll: Are You A Fan Of Cadillac’s New IQ Naming Strategy?

Cadillac has begun implementing a new naming convention with the “iq” suffix for its onslaught of electric vehicles. The new nomenclature will go into effect with the Cadillac Lyriq, the first-ever fully-electric model to be produced by the luxury marque. It will then continue with the upcoming Celestiq flagship sedan, and with other future vehicle nameplates like Ascendiq, Lumistiq, Vistiq, and Optiq, as well as Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL – all names that Cadillac recently filed to trademark.

So, what’s behind the “iq” naming strategy? The head of Cadillac’s global brand strategy, Phil Dauchy, told Cadillac Society Executive Editor, Alex Luft, that the “iq” suffix “signals that Cadillac is bringing a different type of vehicle to market, one that works in concert with man, nature and machine.”

Back in 2019, Cadillac Society reported that Cadillac would eventually switch away from the alphanumeric naming strategy used on its present model range to “real” model names. Currently, Cadillac’s lineup consists of CT# models that designate passenger cars (sedans) and XT# models that designate utilities (crossovers). The only exception to the CT and XT naming convention is the iconic Escalade SUV.

The decision to move away from this alphanumeric naming strategy, first launched with the 2016 Cadillac CT6 and 2017 Cadillac XT5, is intended to help the luxury marque transition from internal combustion vehicles to a future as an all-electric automaker, which Cadillac plans to be by 2030.

It could be argued that Cadillac might have been better off continuing its current naming convention rather than shifting so dramatically, perhaps by tacking “EV” onto the end of the current XT# or CT# model names, or even something as blatant as “Electric.” There is something to be said, though, about the auditory cadence of names such as Cadillac Lyriq and Cadillac Celestiq. They (almost) rhyme, and ending on a hard consonant makes the names sound substantiative and more powerful. 

And that brings us to the question: what do you think of Cadillac’s decision to name future electric models with the “iq” suffix? Is it cool and groundbreaking, or would the marque have been better off sticking with its alphanumeric nomenclature?

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  1. Not a fan. I could see adding IQ as in “Intelligence Quotient” to the end of a specific name but making a confusing new unintelligable word with a “rhyming” theme NOT A SMART MOVE

  2. Not a fan – too contrived.

  3. Go back to using names. Cadillac is the only GM division that doesn’t use names. Easier to distinguish names then number and letter codes.

  4. Mary will be the end of gm. This will be my last Cadillac. I’ll never buy an electric Cadillac. Mary must go.

  5. I’m definitely in favor of model names. I always new what an Eldorado or Coupe DeVille or Cimarron was but never could remember what a CT this or XT that meant. I hate alpha/numeric names. I rather like the new model names ending in iq. I’m waiting to reserve a Cadillac Lyriq AWD later this year.

  6. I foresee names like “iquenox”, “iqualibrium”, and “iquestrian”. No wait! “The Iqualizer”!

  7. How about Crapiq?

  8. I’m not a fan of the alpha numeric names. Return to actual “names” is good. The “iq” is just too “cute”. I agree that it will lead to stupid names. These new vehicles will all look electric so the “iq” cutesy will just lead to ridicule.

  9. Not very happy with the new naming convention nor the sudden jump to EV’s. My 2109 XT5 is my first Cadillac after leaving Mercedes-Benz after 15 years. A great automobile but, if Cadillac continues this march to all EV’s, it will leave me no choice but to say Good-Bye!

  10. Go back to real names like DeVille, Eldorado, Fleetwood, Ceil, Phaeton, etc. Forget the Cimmaron, which is really forgettable, thankfully. I have to admit that I have owned an SRX, XTS and I have 2-CT6’s. Still, everyone that I meet refer to them as a Cadillac.

    The “iq” moniker is just someones goofy marketing idea. Lyriq (song), Celestiq (a celestial event) and I’ve seen a Symboliq whatever the hell that is supposed to be. Go back to real names that the public can relate to.


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