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Cadillac Lyriq-V Still On The Way, Expected For 2025 Model Year

Cadillac Lyriq-V Still On The Way, Expected For 2025 Model Year

The V-Series line of high-performance vehicles will soon include the Cadillac Lyriq-V, a more potent and faster variant of the luxury marque’s first all-electric vehicle, which Cadillac Society was the first to report on back in 2021. A Lyriq-V first showed up as an option on the Cadillac accessories website, followed shortly thereafter by a prototype undergoing testing, all but confirming the model’s existence. Initially, the Lyriq-V was expected to debut as a 2024 model year vehicle, but now it appears that it will be released as a 2025 model year vehicle instead.

Teasers from the luxury marque itself seemed to point at a Cadillac Lyriq-V for the 2024 model year, which would coincide with the high-performance sub-brand’s 20th anniversary. So far, though, the luxury marque hasn’t made a peep about the high-performance Lyriq. Now, our sources are telling us to expect the Lyriq-V for the 2025 model year.

A front three quarters angle of a Cadillac Lyriq-V prototype undergoing testing in March 2023.

A Cadillac Lyriq-V prototype undergoing testing in March 2023

“While we are looking forward to continuing our commitment to V-Series, we don’t have anything to share today about future product launches,” a Cadillac spokesperson told Cadillac Society when asked about a Cadillac Lyriq-V.

There’s a lot to expect from the forthcoming Lyriq-V. First, it will be more powerful than any Lyriq to date. For reference, the most powerful model available thus far is the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Lyriq. Badged 600E, this powertrain is rated at 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, making it quick enough to make the sprint from zero to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. The Velocity upgrade, a $1,200 over-the-air (OTA) update offered on the 2024 Lyriq AWD, bumps the torque output to 524 pound-feet.

The Cadillac Lyriq-V is expected to blow all these specifications out of the water, coaxing even more power out of its dual-motor AWD powertrain. To set it apart from its “regular” Lyriq brethren, the Lyriq-V will sport unique exterior elements, such as an aggressive front bumper lip, dark trim elements reminiscent of the Lyriq Sport, and of course, V-Series logos interspersed throughout its exterior and interior.

We’ll bring you details on the Cadillac Lyriq-V as soon as they surface. Until then, be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for Cadillac Lyriq newsCadillac Lyriq-V news, and to-the-minute Cadillac news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions in our Cadillac forums and Cadillac Lyriq-V forum.

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