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Cadillac Releases Teaser For Opulent Velocity Concept: Video

Cadillac Releases Teaser For Opulent Velocity Concept: Video

Cadillac today unveiled a teaser for its exotic “Opulent Velocity” concept, a blisteringly fast electric vehicle that imagines what the future of zero-emissions performance could look like. 

The teaser coincides with the 20th anniversary celebration for the luxury marque’s high-performance V-Series sub-brand. In fact, the Opulent Velocity concept was designed to embody the “past, present and future” of V-Series, and Caddy indicated that more information regarding the mysterious EV will follow later this year. 

“Opulent Velocity represents the duality of the Cadillac brand defined in the name itself, Opulent + Velocity,” Cadillac said in a statement. “The concept’s mission is to demonstrate the evolution of Cadillac’s revered sense of opulence, while envisioning the future of a high velocity performance driving experience.”

The video itself is brief, just 18 seconds of a dry lake bed at dusk with fast cuts to the Opulent Velocity concept itself as it tears through the desert. While we’re not allowed much more than a glimpse of the vehicle’s front end, its sharklike profile suggests that it’s a sedan or coupe with an aggressive lower splitter. It’s painted in silver and black and also sports an illuminated crest, congruent the design of Caddy’s existing line of real-life EVs, and as it bears down on the camera, its vertical lighting signatures can be seen on either side of the front fascia. 

From a distance, a high-pitched electric whine similar to turbines crescendos from the EV. As it shoots past the camera, it almost sounds like it has a V8 under the hood before thundering away down the dry lake bed. It’s likely that these sounds are falsified to make the Opulent Velocity sound fast – not that it really needs it. 

Check out the teaser for the Opulent Velocity concept below. 

Even as Cadillac transitions to an all-electric lineup, the luxury marque won’t turn its back on its V-Series sub-brand, which has been historically defined by borderline overkill internal combustion engine-powered vehicles like the CT5-V Blackwing and Escalade-V. In fact, Caddy confirmed that it would reveal a V-Series EV in the near future, which could very well be the Cadillac Lyriq-V, the most powerful Lyriq to date

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