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Cadillac GT4 Platinum: First On-The-Road Photos

Cadillac GT4 Platinum: First On-The-Road Photos

The Cadillac GT4 is a small luxury crossover that will be exclusive to the Chinese market. Cadillac Society first spotted a heavily camouflaged GT4 prototype back in March 2022, concluding at the time that the model would be called the XT3. That was almost exactly one year before images of a completely uncovered GT4 surfaced in China. Now, we’ve spotted a Cadillac GT4 in production-ready form on Michigan roads.

There are traces of camo wrap affixed to this model’s front badge as well as around the license plate and liftgate. Regardless, this particular example represents the range-topping Cadillac GT4 Platinum trim, one of five available trim levels that include Fashion, Luxury, Distinguished and Noble. This GT4 is painted in a hue that loosely translates from Chinese as “Blues Blue.”

The Cadillac GT4 is the luxury marque’s new entry level crossover, slotting beneath the larger Cadillac XT4. In fact, both of the luxury crossovers utilize the same E2 platform, and while they do appear at least somewhat outwardly similar, the GT4 features a sleeker profile in order to appeal to the sportier interests of a younger demographic. 

Inside, the Cadillac GT4 will feature a cockpit very similar to that of the Cadillac Lyriq. Notable elements borrowed from the electric luxury crossover include a two-tone colorway along with a large 33-inch curved 9K dual-screen display panel.

Under the hood, the GT4 will be offered with a choice of two powertrains. The first is a new turbocharged 1.5L I4 engine, while upper-tier trim levels feature the optional turbocharged 2.0L I4 engine (production code LSY).

The GT4 launched in May 2023, announced alongside the refreshed 2024 Cadillac XT4 for the Chinese market and the all-new, second-generation Cadillac CT6. Like the GT4, the all-new CT6 will likely remain exclusive to the Asian country. For its part, the GT4 is built at the SAIC-GM Dong Yue plant in China.

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  1. So America’s Luxury Brand, made in the USA, will make a Vehicle only for China? It would appear this is the same carriage that Buick will offer as the Envision, made in China, but only being available with a 3 Cylinder Engine. Mary Barra, needs to go, Taxpayer Subsidies to GM need to go. Made in America by Americans of any Race or Culture, was serious about an XT4, but now forget it.

    • I think the envision is the same model as the XT4.. this GT4 IS smaller…similar to Buick’s ENCORE.

  2. I can’t argue with Randy’s comments, but I wish Cadillac would build a GT5 on the XT5 platform and make it available in the USA. I’d buy or lease one in a heartbeat. But we know that ain’t going to happen because Cadillac doesn’t care what its loyal customer base thinks. They’ve become a Chinese company.

    • RIGHT ON !!!

  3. So Cadillac spent the last 8 years or so converting to a naming convention with XT_ signifying a Crossover/SUV and CT_ signifying a sedan, and now they release a Crossover with GT_??? How about calling it an XT3, and if they need the name to signify sportiness, maybe XT3 Sport or XT3-S or XT3-V?

  4. China really has GM in a corner. All of GM’s assets in China are in joint ventures with CCP-controlled entities. And GM does not control those JVs (the CCP does). And the JV’s have all of GM’s intellectual property and its R&D product. A faustian bargain to get access to the Chinese vehicle market. No wonder the U.S. market get slighted. Uncle Sam is a pussy cat, compared to the CCP.

  5. Nice looking Cadillac, best in its segment imho. Color looks very interesting, I’d like to see it in person, which as I read this I won’t get a chance to. Finally a smaller Cadillac SUV I’d seriously consider ordering. Not a fan of 4 cylinders engines however, I’ve got four 8 cylinder engines in the garage, so I’m a bit particular about horsepower. I did find the 3.6L engine in a couple of Cadillacs I owned previously very acceptable.

    • What is this ? Not only doesn’t anyone care about another dam ” Crossover ” with an alphanumeric name of confusion; but nobody cares if its only for China .
      Tell us , how many Crossover choices does one company need ?
      How is that a money maker ?
      Mary Barra is on way over her head , or the out of touch nerds & wimps who pull the strings.
      China can have it .
      I don’t want it .

  6. When will GM bring that great looking Cadillac GT4 to the USA. I want one.

  7. GM you are not playing fair to the many USA Cadillac buyers. Offering this gorgeous looking GT4 to the Chinese first. Don’t forget we’re number one!


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