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Cadillac Lyriq-V Will Offer Two Appearance Packages

Cadillac Lyriq-V Will Offer Two Appearance Packages

The forthcoming Cadillac Lyriq-V will not only offer a performance upgrade over the “regular” Lyriq AWD model, but it will also feature two optional appearance packages to set it apart from the rest of the lineup, Cadillac Society has learned. Both of these appearance packages will enhance the more aggressive appearance of the Lyriq-V with exclusive exterior accents.

The packages in question will be the Exterior Appearance Package and the Exterior Carbon Fiber Package. It’s important to note that both packages will be exclusive to the Cadillac Lyriq-V, and will not be offered on the other 2024 Lyriq trim levels, including Tech, Luxury and Sport.

Exterior Appearance Package content:

  • Gloss Black front splitter
  • Gloss Black rocker extensions
  • Gloss Black rear fascia valance

Carbon Fiber Package content:

  • Carbon Fiber front splitter
  • Carbon Fiber rocker inserts
  • Carbon Fiber rear valance inserts

Aside from the aforementioned packages, the Cadillac Lyriq-V will also feature a handful of exclusive exterior features as standard, including V-Series badging, more aggressive front and rear fascias, as well as a unique LED display mounted in the front “grille,” as previously reported by Cadillac Society. In fact, we’ve already spotted a prototype undergoing testing, confirming our exclusive details. 

The forthcoming Cadillac Lyriq-V will feature a high-performance all-wheel-drive system thanks to its dual-motor setup. In the “regular” Lyriq AWD, that configuration is capable of 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, but the Lyriq-V will boast more power than that, as is typical of Cadillac’s V-Series line of performance vehicles.

In addition to more horsepower, the Lyriq-V will also feature fixed front Brembo brake calipers for superior stopping power, along with a Continuous Damping Control (CDC) suspension for maximum performance. 

We’ll bring you details on the Cadillac Lyriq-V as soon as they surface. Until then, be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society for Cadillac Lyriq newsCadillac Lyriq-V news, and to-the-minute Cadillac news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions in our Cadillac forums and Cadillac Lyriq-V forum.

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