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Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Revealed At CES 2022

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Revealed At CES 2022

A few weeks ago, Cadillac Society reported that Cadillac would show off a new fully-autonomous vehicle at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With the expo now underway, the self-driving electric vehicle concept, dubbed the Cadillac InnerSpace, has been revealed.

The “dramatically designed” Cadillac InnerSpace features a coupe body style with a panoramic glass roof with glass panels that extend down onto the sides of the body to create an unimpeded view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The roof hinges open along with the doors for ease of entry and exit. The cushy seats also pivot outward and inward to further emphasize the ease of ingress and egress.

The vehicle’s fully-autonomous nature allows passengers to “focus on the journey, not driving,” according to a press release from the luxury marque. AI-managed biometrics input and interfaces are accessible by way of a large panoramic SMD LED display, and let passengers choose between Augmented Reality engagement, Entertainment, and Wellness Recovery themes for their drive. Additionally, Cadillac, as well as authorized third-party creators, can add themes and features over-the-air.

The Cadillac InnerSpace also features a set of Goodyear tires developed specifically for electric vehicles. The tires boast SoundComfort technology that is designed to help dampen unwanted road noise to ensure a quiet ride. Goodyear’s SightLine tire monitoring technology conveys important information about the tires’ health and performance. 

The Cadillac InnerSpace makes use of the luxury marque’s Ultium wireless battery management system. Implementing this system gave designers more freedom in optimizing cabin space for ultimate passenger comfort, since the battery modules are spread throughout the concept vehicle. 

It’s worth noting that the Cadillac InnerSpace falls into the luxury marque’s Halo Concept Portfolio, which encompasses its fleet of autonomous concept vehicles and “represents future possibilities with a range of personal autonomous options and advanced connected vehicle features,” according to Cadillac’s press release. This puts the InnerSpace in league with the airborne Vertol flying machine and the Personal Autonomous Vehicle, both of which were revealed at last year’s CES 2021. 

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  1. It’s too bad most concept cars don’t make the leap to full distribution. This one looks very sleek (though it seems best suited to city and summer time streets). I am curious how laws that govern things like window tint apply to autonomous vehicles.

  2. Daddy buy me that!

  3. What about entry level cars under $50,000?

    • The business model and associated launch cadence calls for costlier high-end models to launch first, so as to pay for their development and production. There will be entry-level models, but they will arrive after the higher-end products.

  4. Please put it into production and let me be the first to own one!!!

  5. This is where Cadillac needs to be, leading not following. When Cadillac brings out something edgy it is a success. The first-generation CTS was so different, and it was a success. When the coupe came out in the second generation and looked like any other coupe it failed. Have the courage to build this vehicle. Oh, please let me buy the optional steering wheel.

  6. Ok..we are advised to turn down all electrical appliances in this cold weather. Our electrical grid is overloaded where we live here in Canada.
    Can I expect GM to install 240 volt infrastructure to charge up my Cadillac in the winter?


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