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Cadillac China Sales Set New Record During The 2020 Calendar Year

Cadillac China Sales Set New Record During The 2020 Calendar Year

Cadillac China sales increased 7.9 percent to 230,527 units during the complete 2020 calendar year.

Cadillac does not provide individual sales performance of its vehicles in China, but we do have the following information:

  • Over the past year, the marque set a new sales record in China, further solidifying China as Cadillac’s biggest volume market
  • The Cadillac XT5 regained its position as the brand’s best-selling model in 2020
  • The XT5 and XT4 are Cadillac’s most popular models in China

Sales Results - Q4 2020 - China - Cadillac

MODELQ4 2020 / Q4 2019Q4 2020Q4 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020YTD 2019
CADILLAC TOTAL+55.58% 80,06451,461+7.87%230,527 213,717

The Cadillac Society Take

Cadillac China sales posted a record of over 230,000 deliveries during the 2020 calendar year, surging 7.9 percent compared to 2019. The brand’s solid growth in the Chinese market was spearheaded by the brand’s family of utility vehicles – the XT4, XT5 and XT6 – whose combined sales grew 40.3 percent from a year earlier.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this remarkable performance allowed China to continue as Cadillac’s largest volume market in the world for the fourth consecutive year. The marque continued to elevate its position and popularity among Chinese customers, who have an overwhelmingly positive perception of its great and rich historical heritage.

In addition, with the introduction of the CT4 luxury sedan, Cadillac now has its strongest portfolio ever in China to compete in the steadily growing luxury vehicle segment.

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  1. Someone, please educate me. How is this possible? Isn’t China a Communist country and isn’t it generally thought of that in Communist countries there aren’t that many wealthy citizens that can afford luxury cars?

    • China is a capitalistic economy run by a dictatorship in the guise of a communist society.

      • Thank you for your reply. So they are a “capitalistic” economy run by a “dictatorship” in the guise of a “communist” society? An Oxymoron at its best.

  2. The irony isn’t lost on me, and it irks me to think that Cadillac, once darling of the GM line up, is relying on China to make its fortune. At the end of the day China is at worst, an enemy of NA; at best, an adversary. I consciously try to avoid buying anything produce in China – no small feat, I assure you. I was glad to know my ATS’ and CT4 were assembled in Michigan.

    On principle, GM should not be doing business with China, but I know GM is only (or predominately) concerned with profit.

    More Chinese driving Cadillac than Americans? Cruel irony or to quote Joseph Conrad and his novel, Heart of Darkness; The Horror! The Horror!

    • We all must face up to the fact, like it or not, that we are in an international economy. And yes it is driven by profit and being competitive. We as Americans have always wanted products at the lowest prices. Many years ago manufacturers discovered they could produce goods at lower cost by going overseas and using cheap labor. We can all bask in the memory of the good old days when the USA had about 99% of car sales. GM had about 50% of that and Cadillac was the car to be attained by Americans. Those days are long gone, but it appears Cadillac hasn’t faced the fact that they are an “also ran”.


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