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U.S. Cadillac Sales Increased 1 Percent In 2019 Calendar Year

U.S. Cadillac Sales Increased 1 Percent In 2019 Calendar Year

Cadillac sales increased 1 percent to 156,246 units during the complete 2019 calendar year in the United States. The results represent the first annual increase in sales volume that the luxury brand has experienced in the American market since 2013.

Cadillac crossovers saw strong gains in 2019, up 22.4 percent year over year to 93,425 units. The stellar performance is almost directly the result of a full year of sales of the all-new Cadillac XT4, the continued popularity of the XT5, and the debut of the XT6. By including Escalade sales, Cadillac’s utility range finished 2019 with 128,849 deliveries, representing 82.45 percent of the brand’s total sales volume. In contrast, utilities accounted for 68 percent of sales in 2018 with a total of 105,222 units.

For its part, the very fist units of the all-new Cadillac CT5 went on sale during the latter part of December, as Cadillac Society exclusively reported. The new car seeks to revive the brand’s portfolio of luxury sedans, as the ATS and CTS went out of production in 2019.

Model Sales – 2019 Calendar Year

Sales Results - Q4 2019 - USA - Cadillac

MODELQ4 2019 / Q4 2018Q4 2019Q4 2018YTD 2019 / YTD 2018 YTD 2019YTD 2018
ATS-90.01% 83831-89.56%1,134 10,859
CT5* 430*43 0
CT6-5.09% 2,2762,398-17.76%7,951 9,668
CTS-60.44% 9662,442-37.92%6,965 11,219
ESCALADE-7.15% 8,8899,573-3.93%35,424 36,872
XT4+17.46% 8,8957,573+310.88%31,987 7,785
XT5-17.77% 11,16813,582-17.64%49,879 60,565
XT6* 7,1690*11,559 0
XTS-79.02% 1,0625,063-36.23%11,304 17,727
CADILLAC TOTAL-2.20% 40,55141,462+1.00%156,246 154,702

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to U.S. Cadillac sales for 2018 year, except when noted

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  1. Any “Black Ink” is appreciated, no matter how little.

    I suspect 2020 may be similarly flat. The CT4/CT5 together aren’t likely to sell in numbers higher than the 4 discontinued sedans (about 28K combined), though they may represent a higher profit to the Corporation. Cadillac will be building and selling 2 cars on the same platform and in the same factory, rather than 4 cars on 3 different platforms in 3 different factories. Also, the new Escalade won’t be at Dealers until late in the year and sales are likely to wane over 2020 owing to its age.

  2. After seeing the CT5 in the flesh/ metal, I am not optimistic about is sales or popularity. Its a small and generic looking sedan that simply does not have the dignity or class of a CTS or Cadillac in general. It is not a suitable replacement for the CTS.

    • The CTS wasn’t popular either.

      • It was great looking but it was never promoted and quite frankly, it SHOULD have been better. The CTS-V was a staggering vehicle and one area where I give GM/Cadillac major kudo’s. It was badass and world class and a bargain. ALL Cadillacs need to have this recipe. That said I know a couple folks who had the last gen CTS and said it was junk. “I” had an ATS 3.6 Premium that was recalled 7X and the dealer experience was simple awful. While JDN didn’t push the needle as far as it needed, he was cut off at the knees by uncommitted, pathetic Sr Mgt. This company is a mess… I don’t have much hope for its future… As soon as Genesis has 2 more SUV’s it’ll out sell Cadillac and I expect Lincoln to pass Cad if not this year, next… simply pathetic these folks are still employed.

  3. My reaction to the CT5 is quite the opposite. The exterior is sexy and identifies as a Cadillac well. The engine options and trim levels position it well in the market place. The interior is well appointed, only lacks the full digital gauge cluster that others in its classes do have. That isn’t a deal breaker for most, regardless of what some “reviewers” might push. All of the tech is on par and it is priced right. Marketed well and it should sell well. V series will be a killer with the ageless 6.2 V8.

  4. In 2013 they had the E, SRX, the 08-2013 CTS, the recently released XTS and the new ATS (5 vehicles)… since then they’ve added the CTS, XTS, ATS, XT4, XT5, XT6, CT6 and the E (8 Vehicles)… A 1% increase is pathetic… why have heads not rolled? Why does GM continue to destroy themselves with pathetic senior mgt? I cant think of very many companys that would allow this kind of incompetence from a bunch of morons for this long. The Board needs to be overhauled as well for permitting this. How much has been wasted… $5-8B????


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