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Cadillac Begins Advertising 2019 XT4 Crossover Prior To Launch

Cadillac Begins Advertising 2019 XT4 Crossover Prior To Launch

Online advertising for the upcoming 2019 Cadillac XT4 crossover has begun prior to its launch later this year.

A screenshot of the XT4 banner ad (click to expand)

A new series of banner ads feature an image of the front headlight of the XT4 running the daytime running light with the words, “All-New Cadillac XT4”. The ad then changes the text to display “Arriving Fall 2018” and “Reserve Yours Now”, while maintaining the headlight.

Tooling for the all-new 2019 Cadillac XT4 has begun at the Kansas City plant in Kansas, and the crossover is expected to begin arriving at dealers in the middle of October. The model represents a first-ever entry for Cadillac in the hotly-contested and quickly-growing compact crossover segment. In addition, the XT4 will launch an all-new 2.0L Turbo engine, Cadillac’s first-ever nine-speed automatic transmission, and the evolution of the Cadillac Art & Science design language previewed by the Escala Concept.

Stay tuned to Cadillac Society for continued Cadillac XT4 news coverage.

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  1. Better late then never. What new technology is Cadillac advancing with this exciting SUV?

    • “Better late then never.”

      Might want to understand why they’re so late to the game here. Hint: it starts with totally missing the forecast as far back as 2008.

      “What new technology is Cadillac advancing with this exciting SUV?”

      Not sure what it means to “advance new technology”, but if you want to talk about introducing new technology, then here are a few:
      – 9-speed auto transmission (only one other model in its segment has this)
      – All-new 2.0L Turbo engine (vital for Cadillac in terms of refinement)
      – NFC for effortless phone pairing (no other vehicle in this class has this feature)
      – Completely overhauled CUE user interface, with rotary knobs

      A vehicle doesn’t necessarily need to “advance” anything to sell like hotcakes and accomplish its goal of driving profit for the automaker.

  2. I like everything about the XT4 except tail lights and the 4 cylinder engine. I currently have a 2017 XT5 Platinum and love it.

    • Right. I don’t see it being offered with anything bigger than a four cylinder engine.

      That said, the character of the segment is boosted four-bangers, so the XT4 does fit in from that standpoint.

  3. I don’t understand why GM announces cars so early before they are released. If you hear about a new Honda its on the road the next month! Seems like this car was announced in February but it won’t come out until October?

    • That is a good observation, but I don’t know if there is any less benefit of announcing the vehicle ahead of time, vs. announcing it closer to launch.

      Announcing the vehicle early (like GM does) and then trickling out information over the months that follow, and you essentially build more awareness and attention for the vehicle.

      Announce the vehicle closer to its launch date, and you might not generate as much interest or attention. In announcing earlier, you also get the advantage of piquing the interesting/attention of those buyers who are about to make vehicle purchase decisions… and if they are sufficiently interested in your product, they might hold off on that purchase decision until your model launches.

    • Ask Elon Musk who announced his Model 3 in 2015, began selling in December 2017, and now is when the real production is running well. This is a marketing ploy so anyone interested will prefer to wait instead of buying a different brand. Yet, many who held Model 3 “reservations” did switch brands because of the long wait. The Chevy Bolt EV was announced in January 2015 and sold in December 2016.


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