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Cadillac CT5 Rumors, Questions & General Discussions

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    My CT5 schedule to arrive on March 17 and to me the next day. We finalized most of the details. I can hardly believe it. Good luck to all.


    Hopefully! It’s been a long time coming 😬


    Has anyone else received their car yet?


    Still waiting. It did not come in on March 17. Not sure what is happening.


    Well darn. Yeah still waiting on mine as well.


    I received mine on March 10th. I had ordered it on December 16th.


    Dang, lucky! I ordered mine around October , currently in transit.


    New date is march 25. Shipping delay’s supposedly, not enough truckers?


    Oh I’m sure , always something

    Sgt. Maj.

    Hello: I am a new guy on this forum. I have a general question. I want to order a 2023 CT5 when they open up orders. Not sure when that is perhaps Aug 2022 time frame? Anyway I know it will take a while to get it. Is there any estimates out there on how long an order would take? I don’t care if I have to wait 10-12 months as long as I know what the window would look like. Thanks.

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    Hope everyone gets their cars soon. When you go to pick up your cars take note of the left rear door trim on the top to make sure it lines up with the rest of the trim pieces. The Chrome molding on mine does not line up with the rear trim and so far the dealer has not got back to me as to what could be done with it. It appears that snaps onto a channel which is somehow attached to the door is a mystery how something like this could pass quality control.


    Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately all these vehicles costing more and they are putting them together so quickly & poor quality.

    -I ordered mine back beginning of October. Did not actually start getting built until January-ish. Longest part was my vehicle sat for 2 months waiting to ship out.
    Going on 7 months but should be arriving soon!

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    Glad you’re finally getting yours. Mine was ordered September 23rd and from what I can see by tracking it it still has not shipped or there’s something going on but I was lucky enough to find a 2021 on order at another dealer identical to what I ordered except minus the parking package which I can live without. I’m so glad that I took it and I’ve had it for a month now I really love it. Satin steel metallic with a maple sugar interior is it real head-turner.


    My dealer said the reason it sat for 2 months was because they were waiting on inner fenders.

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    WOW. Haven’t heard that one before. So instead of blaming it on the chip shortage now they can blame it on the supply chain problem 😜😜

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 216 total)
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