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Cadillac CT5 Rumors, Questions & General Discussions

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    Right , always something 🤣
    Just got another update. Car just got to rail yard so now just waiting on a truck driver to bring it here ! Said he hopes to have it by First week of April.

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    With so many having problems with getting their ordered cars in it may be advantageous to just wait this out until things get more “normal”. I see the CT5’s are not going to allow heated steering wheels or heated seats now but they do give you something along the lines of a $25.00 credit for not having those on your order. LOL If they would just be more upfront and tell you the truth about what is happening now and what they anticipate in the future. GM etc. could lose a lot of dedicated customers by not being upfront and truthful.

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    I went through a nightmare when I ordered mine on September 23rd and kept getting screwed around and finally got a build date of December 13th which kept getting changed. Could not get a straight answer out of my dealership or anyone at Cadillac and for weeks I waited for updates which never came so I finally found another one coming in to a different dealer which was almost identical to what I had ordered and I grabbed it. It was a 2021 instead of a 2022 but I’m glad I was able to get it because at least it had all the features and it and working. I ordered can purchase many cars from different manufacturers and never have had such a hard time as dealing with General Motors.


    I noticed my dealership is starting to slowly get CT5s but they go as soon as they land on the lot. So if you do not wanna order maybe keep an eye on dealerships!


    My CT5 scheduled to arrive today. I have been disappointed so many times, I am not telling my family. If all goes as planned, I should have it on Monday.


    Just found out (using the chat on Cadillac site) that mine’s been produced. Based on what I have seen from others here, I may still be 2 months out. We’ll see… Order was placed in September…

Viewing 6 posts - 211 through 216 (of 216 total)
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