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How Much Longer Can The Cadillac CT4 Hang On?

How Much Longer Can The Cadillac CT4 Hang On?

The Cadillac CT4 was introduced for the 2020 model year, placing the luxury marque into the luxury C-segment, one where it’s never played before. We found the CT4 to be an interesting animal, since it was essentially a reskinned Cadillac ATS Sedan, itself originally introduced for the 2023 model year, albeit with updates to its powertrain and technology. Now, five model years in, the CT4’s position in the lineup seems frail at best, leaving us to wonder: how much time does the CT4 have left before it ends up on the chopping block? 

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the Cadillac CT4 has been struggling to earn sales. In fact, its 1,903 deliveries during Q3 2023 put it essentially last in the luxury C-segment bracket, outperforming only the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Acura ILX, both of which have been discontinued. With sales in last place, it’s clear that the CT4 isn’t a formidable competitor anymore, putting its future up in the air.

Sales Numbers - Luxury C-Segment Cars - Q3 2023 - USA

MODEL Q3 23 / Q3 22 Q3 23 Q3 22 Q3 23 SHARE Q3 22 SHARE YTD 23 / YTD 22 YTD 23 YTD 22
ACURA INTEGRA +83.18% 8,320 4,542 44% 29% +311.30% 24,834 6,038
BMW 2 SERIES +99.30% 3,135 1,573 17% 10% -20.21% 7,323 9,178
AUDI A3 -14.89% 2,807 3,298 15% 21% +51.01% 10,628 7,038
MERCEDES-BENZ CLA-CLASS +20.82% 2,785 2,305 15% 15% +47.57% 7,836 5,310
CADILLAC CT4 -26.27% 1,903 2,581 10% 16% +3.50% 7,339 7,091
MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS -99.43% 8 1,413 0% 9% -97.12% 157 5,444
ACURA ILX -100.00% 0 29 0% 0% -99.97% 2 6,296
TOTAL +20.44% 18,958 15,741 +25.27% 58,119 46,395

It’s also important to consider that Cadillac Society has not seen any indication that the luxury marque is working on a mid-cycle refresh for the Cadillac CT4. In other words, we haven’t spotted any prototypes in North America or China, which doesn’t bode well for the luxury sedan, considering that China is the largest global market not only for Cadillac overall, but also for the CT4. By contrast, we saw plenty prototypes of the refreshed Cadillac CT5 before the updated model was unveiled. Of course, Cadillac could simply be doing a great job at hiding the refreshed CT4 prototypes from us, but it could very well be that these prototypes simply don’t exist, because a CT4 refresh doesn’t exist.

Logistically, this decision would make sense and would allow the luxury marque to focus its efforts at the Lansing Grand River plant in Michigan solely on building the Cadillac CT5, which is currently built at the facility alongside the CT4. The Chevy Camaro is also built at Lansing, but it’s being discontinued by the end of 2023. Building more CT5 units would likely result in improved sales of the CT5, resulting in turn to the luxury marque turning a higher profit thanks to the higher transaction prices commanded by the CT5.

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So, we ask you – do you think it’s lights out for the CT4, or is there some life left in the luxury sedan yet? Let us know by voting in the poll above and be sure to subscribe to Cadillac Society to stay in the know on the latest Cadillac CT4 news and a lot more Cadillac news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions in our Cadillac forums and Cadillac CT4 forum.

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  1. The CT4 seems to be a nice car. When and if the added production capacity becomes available to Cadillac at Lansing Grand River facility, a Coupe and Convertible should be added to the CT5 line-up (or if the CT4 soldiers on then a Coupe version of it should be added.) All Sedans (and SUV’s) makes for a boring line-up for either model offering.

  2. CT4 can hang on nicely if Cadillac puts some attention to it — either make it sportier or more genuinely luxurious — and if Cadillac actually markets the car. Right now it comes across as a half-hearted compromise, a neglected step-child.

  3. The CT4-V that we have is an excellent vehicle, as good or better than most of its competition. I would pit this car against any merc/audi/lexus in its price category. The main problem is that Cadillac doesn’t promote/advertise the car like they do other lines. They want to sell SUVs and EVs neither of which I will purchase. They will be forcing me into a foreign vehicle which I don’t want to do.

  4. I was an early adopter of the 2020 CT4, trading in my 2016ATS. I was so disappointed with it, I sought out a low mileage 2018 ATS and traded it. Short story: IMO, the CT4 was a mating of my old Chev Cavalier and a Honda Accord. Ugh!

    A best case: Cadillac discontinues the CT4, and uses that production capacity to re-introduce to NA the CT6 – currently being built in, and only for, China – as a hybrid (gas-electric) vehicle. That’s a vehicle I’d be keen to buy.

  5. Took delivery of a 2023 CT4 Blackwing a month ago and I love it. Black on quilted black. I also have a CTS-V wagon which I love but the Blackwing is much more enjoyable to drive. I think CT4 sales would be better if they offered better colors like the beautiful blue shown above that is not actually available. Bright LEMON yellow; fire engine red – come on, these are CADILLACS for pete’s sake, not Honda kiddie cars. There’s not even a decent silver. And the quilted black and “tan” interior could have been beautiful if the “tan” was not MUSTARD yellow. Again, online photos show a very nice shade of tan but in person, it’s just plain UGLY. Availability is another limiting factor. Dealers don’t have any! They don’t even have any allocation for 2024s. I had to go to a dealer out of state to find a couple, and HE had to go to another state to dealer trade for one with the rather normal colors and options I wanted. And I live in a major metro area. And forget about a 2024. You can’t sell what you don’t have. If GM continues to treat the car like an unloved stepchild, it’s just going to fade away. One more complaint while I’m at it. Model names! Every couple of years, Cadillac changes the designations – CTS, CT5, ATV, CT4, SRX, XLR, STS, XT5, XYZ etc. to the point where the public doesn’t know what the hell anything means anymore, and all in the interests of trying to be like the Germans and other wanna be luxury brands. Everybody knows what an Accord, Explorer, Wrangler, Maxima, and ESCALADE is but who can keep track of ABC123WXYZ especially when it keeps CHANGING! WAKE UP GM!

  6. If cadillac would broaden its thinking and make a hybrid version for the CT4, I think it would sell much better, maybe even get better mileage.. BUT unfortunately General Motors is hell bent to make all its modes of transportation all electric….Good Luck

  7. What happened to the wood trim on the interior? I average 23.6 mpg with a 335 horse non-turbo’d V6 and I don’t have to subscribe to any services for anything to work. I wonder why CT4 isn’t selling?


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