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Cadillac Lansing Grand River Plant

Cadillac Lansing Grand River Plant

The Cadillac Lansing Grand River plant, sometimes abbreviated as LGR, is a vehicle production facility owned by Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors. It is located in Lansing, Michigan, United States and it currently produces the Cadillac CT4, CT4-V, CT5 and CT5-V luxury sedans as well as their ultra-high-performance V-Series Blackwing variants – the CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing. Formerly, it produced the Cadillac ATS and CTS ranges until both were discontinued. 

Construction of the Lansing Grand River plant began in 1999 and the plant opened in 2001, making it the newest Cadillac plant in North America.

Quick Facts

    • Year opened: 2001
    • Size: 3.4 million sq. ft. on 111 acres
    • Address:
      920 Townsend Street
      Lansing, Michigan, 48921
      United States
    • Employee information (as of June 30th, 2021):
      • Hourly: 
        • 1207 (Assembly)
        • 122 (Stamping)
      • Salaried: 
        • 194 (Assembly)
        • 24 (Stamping)
      • Total: 
        • 1401 (Assembly)
        • 146 (Stamping)
    • Facilities: 
      • Stamping Plant
      • Body Shop
      • Paint Shop
      • General Assembly
      • Logistics Optimization Center
    • Union local: UAW local 6562


Lansing Grand River currently builds Cadillac vehicles that ride on the Alpha platform for North America, Russia, Middle East and South Korea.

Currently in production:

Previously in production:

    • Cadillac ATS family: 
      • Cadillac ATS sedan and ATS-V performance sedan
      • Cadillac ATS coupe and ATS-V performance coupe
    • Cadillac CTS family: 
      • Cadillac CTS sedan, Cadillac CTS V-Sport performance sedan, CTS-V performance sedan
    • Cadillac STS family: 
      • Cadillac STS sedan and Cadillac STS-V performance sedan

It’s worth noting that in addition to the aforementioned Cadillac products, the Cadillac Lansing Grand River plant also produces vehicles for other brands owned and operated by Cadillac’s parent firm, General Motors. See here for more details.


    • 2018: $175 million to modernize equipment for the next generation of sedans (CT4 and CT5 families)
    • 2016: $211 million for a new tooling and equipment expansion for a future product program, along with a 32,000 sq. ft. body shop expansion
    • 2014: $174 million stamping facility, creating about 145 jobs
    • 2013: $44.5 million for logistics optimization center, creating 200 jobs

State Economic Impact

Plant-wide state economic impact for the 2020 calendar year was as follows:

    • Wages: $148,401,439.72
    • Total tax withheld: $25,260,024.92

Production Status

See the production status of the Cadillac Lansing Grand River plant at this link: Cadillac production status.


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