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U.S. Cadillac Sales Drop 24 Percent To 28,216 Units In Q1 2022

U.S. Cadillac Sales Drop 24 Percent To 28,216 Units In Q1 2022

Cadillac sales in the United States fell 24 percent to 28,216 units during the first quarter of 2022.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

Sales Results - Q1 2022 - USA - Cadillac

MODELQ1 2022 / Q1 2021Q1 2022Q1 2021
CT4-27.94% 1,8932,627
CT5-23.57% 3,3434,374
ESCALADE-34.73% 6,4249,842
XT4-32.14% 3,7015,454
XT5-43.09% 4,9938,773
XT6-36.89% 3,7805,990
CADILLAC TOTAL-24.31% 28,21637,277

The Cadillac Society Take

The 24 percent drop in Cadillac sales during the first quarter of 2022 represents the luxury marque’s third consecutive quarterly decline in the U.S. market, following the 32 percent drop during the third quarter of 2021 and 48 percent fall during the last quarter of 2021. However, the 28,216 units that Cadillac sold during Q1 2022 is a notable improvement over the 22,519 units sold during Q3 2021 and 22,385 deliveries recorded in Q4 2021, thanks to improved semiconductor supplies that supported higher production.

Once again, the Cadillac Escalade was the marque’s only model that managed to increase sales on a year-over-year basis. The iconic full-size SUV cemented its position as Cadillac’s best-selling vehicle, while also recording its best first quarter sales performance since 2007. In contrast, Cadillac’s cars and crossovers posted significant double-digit declines despite slight improvement in inventory.

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  1. Haven’t seen a Caddy at the dealers in many months. They may be selling them off the truck, but there aren’t ANY at the dealer.

  2. Cadillac has, and always should be,the only choice for upscale purchasers. Unless, Lincoln comes up with something. Go Cadillac/ GM, stick with what you know best! Anyone who chooses differently, is not choosing with their head. Period.

    • Anyone who chooses Cadillac is the person not using their head as in STUPID. In the past 35 years the brand has SEVERELY gone downhill in regards to reliability, looks, and most importantly resale value. The car that was once know as the “standard of the world” is now a high tech garbage can with its former loyal buyers long gone. The Japanese and German cars are far better and Caddy’s market share of the past will never return. Maybe we the US can lend GM another 11.3 billion that they won’t pay back to the taxpayer and screw us again! GM builds JUNK!

  3. You can’t sell what you don’t advertise !!!!
    Mercedes, BMW and Audi advertise their products on TV and in print and they sell. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that ADVERTISING WORKS

  4. Well I love my 2022 XT5. Best suv I’ve ever had. Smooth and gas Milage is great. You haters need to go to another website. A status symbol still!!


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