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Second-Gen Cadillac CT6 Spied Undergoing Testing: First Photos

Second-Gen Cadillac CT6 Spied Undergoing Testing: First Photos

Less than a week ago, Cadillac Society caught wind of exclusive details regarding the next gen Cadillac CT6. Now, we’ve spied a prototype of the upcoming luxury sedan undergoing real-world testing, and the photos affirm what we reported about its exterior styling. 

As we outlined in our initial report, the next-gen Cadillac CT6 brings a freshly sculpted exterior to the large sedan. Note that the front and rear fascias feature Cadillac’s signature vertical and horizontal lighting elements similar to those of the current-generation, post-facelift CT6 (2019 model year and newer), but the lights on the new model will bring those items to a new level in terms of detail and execution. The prototype seen here is wearing pre-production, placeholder lights.

The vertical lights lead the eye along the luxury sedan’s streamlined profile, with the roofline boasting a slope almost befitting of a coupe thanks to a greenhouse that is less boxy than the current model. The C-pillars, most noticeably, are much thinner than  those on the current gen CT6, following design cues used on the Cadillac CT5, allowing for a larger rear vanity window. In the rear, we see more influence from the CT4 and CT5, namely in the silver trapezoidal exhaust outlets. 

Interestingly, this CT6 prototype rides on a set of 20-inch Platinum Twin 5-Spoke alloy wheels with Manoogian finish and chrome inserts (production code RQ9). This wheel was offered on the current-generation Cadillac CT6. 

Overall, despite the revised profile, the second-gen Cadillac CT6 appears to be roughly the same size as the first-generation model. As we mentioned last week, it rides on the VSS-R vehicle set, with elements of the Omega platform, built to underpin rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

At this time, we know that the upcoming Cadillac CT6 will continue to be offered in China. It’s not clear if it will be made available in North America, where the CT6 was discontinued after the 2020 model year.

As for what’s under the hood, we expect the second-generation CT6 to harness the luxury marque’s turbocharged 2.0L I4 gasoline engine (production code LSY), which is currently offered in every single Cadillac model sold in China. It’s also possible that the second-gen CT6 could make use of a mild hybrid system much like several Cadillac sold in China, like the XT4 crossover for the Chinese market. The hybrid setup mates the boosted four-cylinder internal combustion engine with a small electric motor and a battery for improved fuel economy. 

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  1. Very disappointed. While the gear under the hood may be good the look (to me) is awful. Even with the zebra accents I doubt that a starving lion would go after this. Give me the Blackwing any day.

    • What’s so “awful” about what you see here? It has placeholder lightning plus camo that covers up most of the relevant details. Can’t really make a determination about the styling until it’s completely uncovered.

  2. A shame if this car would be for sale only in China. This is a car I definitively would buy. An SUV or a crossover, never. I really hope the actual SUV cancer ends asap!!!

    • I agree: Bring it back to North America. I too do not want a SUV or Crossover.

      • How right you are…if the CT6 were marketed it would still be viable in the market that made Cadillac. Bring it back to the states and market the car. Leave the turbo 4-banger for China, give me the V6 that I have in both of mine now. I own 2-CT6’s now, one is a 2020 Premium Luxury with Super Cruise and a 2017 loaded Luxury.

        I will not buy an SUV/CUV a mall crawler pickup or an EV that will stress the infrastructure even more. I want a full-sized luxury sedan. Not a pie in the sky $200K+ Celestiq.

        My dealer has offered to buy both of my Cadillacs and then get me a loaded Escalade and a CT5. No thanks, I’ll keep my sedans!

        • I was planning on keeping my XTS forever, but if this has the looks, an lgxv6 and decent trunk, I’m in. I want my junk in the trunk, not in front of an awkward, ugly rear hatch, with a soccer mom bumper sticker.

    • It appears as though you and some others are living in the past. SUV’s are so popular because they are very convenient vehicles. The day of seeing very exciting model changes like back in the day are over.

  3. the LSY 2.0 turbo only puts out 237 hp. I have that engine in my CT4 and it’s a shadow of the former 2.0 272 hp which was in the ATS. Can’t see it being the right fit for the larger CT6, but if it’s only going to be sold in China, I suppose it’s a moot point.

  4. The C pillar looks similar to the Lincoln Zephyr that’s also aimed at the China market, IMO.

  5. Can’t say that I’m a big fan of the slopping roof line, but I hope they bring this car back to the US. We have a 2020 CT6 and love it and would love to replace it with another CT6 when the lease is up.


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