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85 Percent Of CT6 Owners Want Cadillac Super Cruise In Their Next Vehicle

85 Percent Of CT6 Owners Want Cadillac Super Cruise In Their Next Vehicle

The Cadillac Super Cruise system is the brand’s latest high-tech, semi-autonomous driver assistance feature, allowing drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel during extended highway driving. Now, Cadillac has released a number of stats that outline how much Cadillac owners are actually using the system, and how much they like it.

The stats were revealed by Mark Reuss, President at Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors. During a presentation at the General Motors Capital Markets Day event last February, Reuss addressed Cadillac’s technological prowess, including the Cadillac Super Cruise system.

“We’re making Cadillac the tip of the corporate spear of innovation and technology at GM,” Reuss said, labeling Cadillac Super Cruise as “the most sophisticated integration of component systems of its type on the road today.”

According to Reuss, GM has validated almost 5.2 million miles of incident-free customer use with Cadillac Super Cruise as of November of 2019, also stating that customers that own a vehicle equipped with the system used it nearly 50 percent of the time when available. Additionally, Reuss stated that customers were driving as many as 77,000 miles total per week with the system, and that 85 percent of Cadillac CT6 owners indicated they would prefer or only consider a vehicle equipped with Super Cruise in the future.

The now-discontinued Cadillac CT6 is currently the only vehicle to equip the system, although the recently debuted 2021 Cadillac Escalade will offer an enhanced version of the system later this year, as will the 2021 Cadillac CT5 and 2021 Cadillac CT4 sedans.

“And next year, we’ll add Super Cruise to other brands and seven more models,” Reuss said, “and we’ll add 12 more in the following two years, including [GM] full-size pickups, SUVs and more. We are rolling this out in a very big way.”

The enhanced Cadillac Super Cruise will come with automated lane change functionality, as well as an improved user interface and hands-free driving dynamics, all of which were made possible with the introduction of the company’s all-new digital vehicle platform. Last year, Cadillac added 70,000 miles of available roadway to the system, bringing total available roadways to 200,000 miles.

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  1. ……85% of Cadillac CT6 owners want their next “CAR” with Super Cruise to be a CT6. Not some two passenger CT5 with literally no back seat leg room……

    • I agree with you. Cadillac finally got it right, and then they discontinued the CT6. When my lease is up, my choices are to buy the car off lease, get an SUV or look at Mercedes or Genesis.

    • CT5 has gobs of rear seat legroom… quite LITERALLY the opposite of your statement.

      Sure, the CT5 doesn’t have as much space as the CT6… but it’s still very spacious.

  2. @John Engelman, I totally agree with you, I have a 2020 CT6 with the Super Cruise. Discontinuing the CT6, I think Cadillac is making a huge mistake.

    Chip Robinson

  3. I don’t care about super cruise, but I would like to lease another CT6 when the lease is up on my 2020. Its a great car, we love it and I think Cadillac made a huge mistake by discontinuing it.

  4. The Lyriq teasers make it look fairly low in height… just saying.

  5. After my lease is up, I would have rolled into another CT6, but Cadillac chose to discontinue the best car they ever made! After injecting all of the best technology and performance that leaves me wanting another; I will have to buy BMW, Mercedes or something that will offer me only some of what the CT6 gives me. Please bring it back!

  6. Renew your lease or buy the CT6. I have driven several of my Cadillacs for over 10 years putting on over 300,000 miles on each one.

  7. I own a 2018 CT-6 with Super Cruise and LOVE it.

  8. Cadillac made a huge mistake when it discontinued its full size cars..Having been a loyal GM customer since i started driving.I would hate to go to the competition such as hyundai G 90.. Wake up Mary Barra before its too late.

  9. With all the R&D that Cadillac put into advanced metallurgy, sophisticated adhesives, and weight-saving structural techniques, it seems counterintuitive that they would abandon the CT-6 product so quickly (not that they ever marketed it with any great enthusiasm). And then there’s the Blackwing V-8 that wowed the world, but seems to be in a sort of corporate limbo. What kind of confidence is all that supposed to inspire in potential (not to mention existing) customers?

  10. Kinda irrelevant for a few reasons:

    1) There aren’t a ton of CT6 owners out there to begin with.
    -If they want it in their next vehicle, where is that vehicle coming from?

    2) There’s no direct followup to the discontinued CT6, so these buyers will have to be EV converts or interested in a CUV. Otherwise, they’re one and done with Cadillac and will likely go shopping at other brands for their next full size sedan.


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