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We Dissect Cadillac’s Oscars Ad For A Better Look At The Upcoming XT4

We Dissect Cadillac’s Oscars Ad For A Better Look At The Upcoming XT4

Earlier this month, Cadillac teased its upcoming XT4 compact crossover in a new commercial that aired during the 2018 Oscars ceremony. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about the vehicle, including about every feature and option, with the exception for how it will look and how much it will cost. And though we’ll see exactly the 2019 Cadillac XT4 this week when the model is officially unveiled at the 2018 New York Auto Show, we’ve taken liberty of splicing and dicing Cadillac’s Oscars ad to get a better look at the crossover prior to its reveal.

The Trim

Based on the order guide first uncovered by Cadillac Society, we believe that the XT4 model shown during the Oscars ad is of the Sport trim level variety. The XT4 will also be available in Luxury (base) and Premium Luxury (above base) trim levels, which have slightly different accents inside and out.

The new approach is part of Cadillac’s new “Y” trim level strategy that will offer Luxury and Sport trims of the same model, each with its own unique accents, design elements, features and characteristics. The trim level structure is first being introduced on the XT4 and 2019 Cadillac CT6.

The Grille

In Cadillac’s aforementioned Oscars ad, the XT4 features a black mesh-style grille, which the order guide officially refers to as a “high-gloss, black mesh with galvano surround”. The grille will be featured on Sport trim models, while other models will get a bright grille.

Notably, the grille was first introduced on the Escala concept car.

The Lights

Up front, the XT4 features new headlights reminiscent of the headlight design introduced by the Cadillac Escala concept car and, most recently, on the 2019 Cadillac CT6 refresh. The headlights now have a horizontal element joining the vertical element that’s been a hallmark of Cadillac design since 2013, with the entire headlight cluster flowing up with the hood, like on all current models.

Daytime running lights look particularly stunning on the XT4, with a boomerang-like signature that is bound to make other motorists take note that they’re looking at a Cadillac.

The Hood

The XT4’s hood has quite the chiseled appearance, with a raised center section that is reminiscent of the hood on the Cadillac ATS. The center of the hood has that “center-line crest” that’s become a common styling element of current Cadillac models.

Additionally, the cut-line for the hood appears to be several inches above the front grille, a characteristic associated with more expensive vehicles that’s also present on the XT5, CT6, and third-gen CTS.

The Profile

From the side, the XT4 looks quite compact, which is exactly its purpose. The front end has a “flat face” appearance, with the vertical LED element of the headlamp cluster clearly visible. An amber front indicator light, chiseled hood, and pedestal-mounted wing mirrors are also clearly visible, as are blacked-out roof rails – another trait specific to the XT4 in Sport trim. Non-Sport XT4 models have the longitudinal roof rails finished in brushed aluminum. 

The monochrome Cadillac crest also takes its usual place on the front fender, just aft of the front door cutline. There’s also a small vanity window ahead of the primary window in the front door.

A roof-mounted rear spoiler creates an aura of the XT4 having a longer roof, while also providing aerodynamic value. That spoiler is also hiding a ceiling-mounted rear window wiper that we noticed a few months ago. The “fin” communications antenna is placed just aft of this spoiler.

One element that we can’t see from the commercial is the area around the C-pillar. But based on spy shots, it seems that the XT4 will not have a window over the cargo area, or a D-pillar, for that matter.

Like with the headlamps, the vertical portion of the XT4’s taillamps are also clearly visible from the side.

The Rear

The XT4 Oscars spot doesn’t show too much of the XT4’s rear, but we have enough from the photos to make a few observations. Specifically, the XT4 will have an all-new taillight design that – much like the headlights – will be comprised of both vertical and horizontal elements.

The vertical lighting element will run from the top of the roof, transitioning into a horizontal element on the level of the license plate cutout. The new horizontal elements are especially interesting, as they seem to wrap around the tailgate. Also of note is a small dot-shaped lighting element located on the outside of the vertical light pipe.

Finally, the XT4 will get the dual exhaust treatment via two integrated outlets in a trapezoid-like shape.

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 is expected to make its global debut this week at the 2018 New York International Auto Show, and Cadillac Society will be on hand to bring you live coverage of the reveal. Stay tuned.

About 2019 Cadillac XT4

The Cadillac XT4 is an upcoming compact crossover that will slot under the midsize XT5 as Cadillac’s second crossover utility vehicle (CUV). The XT4 will be underpinned by the front-drive-based E2 platform and will be produced at the Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kansas.

From a business standpoint, the XT4 is of significant importance for Cadillac’s growth plans, as it will fill a glaring hole in the brand’s vehicle portfolio. With just a single crossover (the Cadillac XT5), Cadillac’s crossover lineup is sorely lacking compared to competing luxury makes, which offer three or more crossovers. In fact, some rivals, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, offer up to seven CUVs/SUVs in their lineup, as utility vehicle sales are experiencing rampant growth in the marketplace.

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