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1990 Cadillac Aurora Concept Car Left In Lot To Rust

1990 Cadillac Aurora Concept Car Left In Lot To Rust

There’s just something heartbreaking about seeing any vehicle left to the mercy of the elements, rusting away on flat tires and forgotten to time. It’s even more disheartening to witness such neglect happen to a one-of-one machine, as is the case for this 1990 Cadillac Aurora concept car, which was spotted decaying in a lot owned by Cadillac parent company, General Motors.

The Cadillac Aurora was first revealed at the 1990 Chicago Auto Show, serving as a springboard for the design and technology of some future Cadillac models. Its teardrop-shaped exterior represented a deviation from the boxy aesthetic that graced the 1970s and 1980s models, paving the way for a sleeker, aerodynamic design. 

Under the hood, the Aurora featured a longitudinally oriented 4.5L V8 engine capable of 200 horsepower, routed to the pavement by way of all-wheel-drive. Alas, the Cadillac Aurora never made it production beyond this one-of-a-kind example. However, some design elements seem to have made it to the Opel Omega B and its American-market variant, the Cadillac Catera. Additionally, the Aurora seems to have inspired the Oldsmobile Aurora, which borrowed not only its name, but its powertrain configuration and interior design.

The Cadillac Aurora wasn’t immediately put to pasture after its debut, however. In fact, it had a cameo appearance in the 1993 film “Demolition Man,” its futuristic design lending itself well to the movie’s dystopian aesthetic.

Since then, though, the years haven’t been kind to the Aurora concept car. Its paint is scarred on the rear bumper and rear doors, and rust is bubbling through the finish. Its driver side door was punctured at some point, perhaps in the same incident that crushed its sideview mirror. To boot, the concept vehicle is rubbing doors with the Buick LaCrosse parked next to it, signaling that its other side is likely heavily damaged as well. 

The reasons behind the luxury marque’s decision to let go of this unique concept vehicle are unclear, though given the Aurora Concept’s forgotten state, we’re not surprised to see it in this state. As such, it seems unlikely that the Aurora is seen as something worth preserving, even for posterity’s sake, at this point.

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  1. what unculture and ignorance is… a real shame having that car in that conditions.

  2. I can’t un-see that ! Thank God it was never produced.

  3. Heartbreaking, indeed. Shame on GM management for allowing this icon to deteriorate on its premises when barn finds are celebrated.


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