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A Better Look At The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq In Venom: Photos

A Better Look At The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq In Venom: Photos

Roughly six months ago, Cadillac Society showed you photos of the 2024 Celestiq in the bright green color officially known as Venom. Unfortunately, those images were a bit blurry and pixelated, so you can (probably) imagine our excitement when we recently spotted the same Celestiq in the wild, capturing the photos you see here.

There are a nearly infinite number of ways that the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq can be customized, right down to its interior trim and exterior color. That means that the ultra-luxury electric sedan can appear as subtle or as loud as desired.

This particular Celestiq is a validation (final testing) unit, and the almost offensive Venom color is available to any customer who wishes to make their ultra-luxury electric sedan as visible as possible.

Of course, there is a range of other shades on offer for buyers who aren’t particularly fond of Venom. For instance, Boysenberry Matte, a subtle purple, is on the options list, as is a bright orange-red called Habanero. Other colors include Vixen Metallic, Aspen Metallic, Nimbus Metallic, Santorini Blue, Infrared Tintcoat, and Siku Tintcoat, although customers can choose from any hue under the sun, even if it isn’t already available in the order books. 

Celestiq buyers will be invited to design / customize the Celestiq at the Cadillac House at Vanderbilt, where they will be guided through every step of their ultra-luxury sedan’s design before the vehicle is assembled almost entirely by hand at the Artisan Center located on campus.

Under that chartreuse skin, this Cadillac Celestiq harnesses a 111 kWh battery pack and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive propulsion system, which provides 300 miles of driving range on a single charge while delivering 600 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque. It rides on the BEV3 platform, which was developed to exclusively underpin battery electric vehicles. Pricing for the Celestiq starts at $340,000.

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  1. Haven’t seen much from Cadillac in the last 10 years ago that I didn’t like but this car …. I just don’t get it??? I am getting older so trends are growing away from me but once again I just don’t know how anyone thinks this is a good looking car

    • Un auto hortera.

    • I think the car is beautiful overall, but these weird colors should not be available. For a car that costs as much as it does, it should not look like a clown car from east LA.
      Make it look as rich as possible!

  2. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig!

    • This turd is hideous!!

  3. Woah, what was Cadillac thinking, it looks like a GM Station Wagon from the Mid 1980’s!

  4. Is gm so out of it that they think this ugly vehicle will sell. If so they’re nuts !!

  5. I get that electrics have to be aerodynamic to the max. And I get that truly aerodynamic shapes are not what we grew up thinking they were. But there’s got to be some happy medium that’s esthetically pleasing and elegantly dignified. It’s a Cadillac, for pete’s sake, not a physics experiment.

  6. This horrific design (especially in this ridiculous, hideous color) clearly demonstrates that wealth and good taste are not mutually inclusive. Whoever designed, and whoever approved, this disaster should both be fired (and maybe shot too!). What a joke … but not very funny.


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