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2019 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury Goes For A Drive: Image Gallery

2019 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury Goes For A Drive: Image Gallery

Last week, we showed you first-ever pictures of the never-before-seen 2019 Cadillac CT6 Sport soaking up the sun as it roamed the streets of Metro Detroit, and today we caught up to a refreshed CT6 in the Premium Luxury trim level.

On the 2019 CT6, the Premium Luxury model resides in the middle trim in Cadillac’s new “Y trim level” hierarchy. The trim structure starts with the base trim called Luxury, on which higher-end models like Premium Luxury, Platinum Sport and V-Sport build in terms of equipment and appearance. More specifically:

  • Premium Luxury models deliver higher levels of equipment, along with bright exterior body accents
    • Platinum retains the bright body accents of the Premium Luxury trim, while adding more features and equipment
  • Sport models deliver higher levels of equipment along with blacked-out or body-color accents
    • V-Sport builds on the blacked-out and body-color accents of the Sport trim, while adding more performance enhancements such as the new Cadillac 4.2L Twin-Turbo V-8 engine and specific suspension tuning

This specific example is equipped with the 3.6L naturally-aspirated V6 engine (production code LGX), a 10-speed transmission and AWD, while wearing the Crystal White Tricoat hue (an extra-charge color).

The front end features Cadillac’s new forward-looking design philosophy introduced by the Cadillac Escala Concept. On the CT6, that translates to:

  • Redesigned headlamps with new horizontal lighting elements joining the previously-existing vertical lighting signatures
  • New grille with bright accents with a galvano surround
  • New lower fascia, consisting of decorative inserts below the headlamps and a trapezoidal fascia in the center

Notably, these changes also bring along a new hood.

This white pearl is riding on 19-inch Multi-Spoke alloy wheels with a Sterling Silver finish (production code RT9). The wheels carry over from the pre-facelift CT6.

Suggested: first-ever pictures of the 2019 Cadillac CT6 Sport.

This model’s bright window surround is unique to Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum models, as is the bright body side trim (on the lower portion of the doors).

Like the front end, the rear of the 2019 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury features Cadillac’s new design language, as the all-LED taillights gain a new horizontal element to join the existing vertical lighting signature. The all-new taillights also see a redesigned decklid and rear bumper cover.

The 3.6L and AWD badges, quad exhaust outlets, and center high-mounted stop lamp at the top end of the rear window remain the same as on the pre-facelift model.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. Could you let me know which are different in between 2018 LGY 2L with 8 transmission and new LSY 2L with 10 transmission?
    Does new 2019 LSY based power train is more liable and better than old one?

    • TR – thanks for the question. We currently don’t know much about the new 2.0L Turbo LSY engine, but Cadillac says that it is an “all new” engine. So we’re waiting on details on the LSY, but none have been provided yet.

      Whether or not the LSY more reliable is also unknown… but it is expected to be much smoother and more refined than the LTG.

      PS: the previous engine is called LTG (not LGY) the new one is LSY.

      Hope that helps.


      • Thanks. Alex,
        I think, it does not make sense which LTG already proven in the market including good performance. But, why GM invest to develop new LSY 2.0 turbo engine instead of LTG. That is the question. It looks LSY may slightly change or only modify minor things based on LTG.

        • The LTG is an old design, as it was introduced back in 2013. Though it made the power numbers, it left a lot to be desired from a refinement standpoint. I think the goal with LSY was to address that while also improving fuel economy.

          Also, just got word: the LSY is an all-new engine. Look for an article shortly.

  2. The styling updates are disappointing and do little to enhance the appeal of the CT6–especially the tail lamps. What a shame Cadillac is abandoning its “signature” vertical tail lamp design element. Cadillac fitted the El Miraj concept with classy “signature” tail lamps but never placed them into production.

  3. When can I order a 2019 CT6.

    • Orders are not yet open on the 2019 CT6… not sure when they will open, but I expect it to be in the next 60 days.

      • Thank you very much for your quick reply. I must say that there is no other large luxury sedan that is over 200 inches long and driven buy a 4 cylinder engine.The design is ahead of its time and the features offered for the price are un matched by any other car manufacture.

        • Yup, I agree that the design is simply gorgeous and the feature set is very attractive.

          However, I should note that all of the German full-size sedans are available with turbo-charged 2.0L four cylinder engines in either gasoline or diesel in Europe. The difference is that Cadillac decided to offer this engine in the States as well. Some have criticized Cadillac for offering a four-banger in the CT6, but I don’t think it is warranted. Here’s why.

          The CT6 is significantly lighter than the other models in its size class thanks to an advanced mixed materials structure. That weight savings makes the CT6 weigh roughly as much as the much smaller CTS. So since a 2.0L is just fine in the CTS, and the CT6 weighs just as much as a CTS does, then it should also be just fine in the CT6 as well.

  4. Love this car, I hope the CT5 is simply a smaller version…

  5. Will the 3.6 be available on the Sport?

    Will Adaptive Cruise be available on any CT6 without Super Cruise?

    Is the current dealer order guide available for posting here?

    • Roger – here are the answers to your questions:

      1. Will the 3.6 be available on the Sport?

      It should be, yes – although the order guide does not yet list it. Have a look at the chart in the post linked below:

      It’s more like the 3.6L will be available in conjunction with the Sport trim level… but that might be splitting hairs 🙂

      2. “Will Adaptive Cruise be available on any CT6 without Super Cruise?”

      I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think so. I believe Adaptive Cruise Control (KSG) requires Super Cruise (UKL) whenever being equipped with it.

      3. Here you are:

      Note that this order guide was last updated August 3, 2019. I feel obligated to say that it doesn’t seem like the order guide is complete… so do consult with your dealer. However, last I checked, the 2019 CT6 is not available to order quite yet.

  6. We just settled a lemon law claim arising from the ct6 transmission’s issues…….final repair of 6 required new torque converter.

    Has this been remedied in the 2019. We otherwise loved this car and looking to purchase a2019.

    • It’s a new transmission on the 2019s – an all-new 10-speed vs. an 8-speed on the 2016, 2017 and 2018

  7. Cadillac dealers have been able to order 2019 CT6 since mid-August (though the new 4.2L V-8 isn’t available yet). I ordered mine August 13 and today was informed by Cadillac that production of my car is set for week of 11/26. I do not believe regular production has begun yet as of 3rd week of October.

  8. Mr. luft in your professional opinion,the HP being reduced to 237,How will it effect performance ??
    Thanks,Nikki McCarty

    • Nikki – thanks for the question.

      I don’t think performance times or feel will be impacted much, if at all. The new 2.0L LSY makes less power on paper, but peak is reached at a lower RPM with heaps more refinement – when compared to the outgoing 2.0L Turbo LTG.

      Plus, there’s the added benefit of the new 10-speed automatic transmission, which is a better unit not only in terms of keeping the engine in the optimal power band, but also in terms of refinement.

      All in, I think the new 2.0L LSY will be a more pleasant motor to live with than the outgoing LTG, which was good but quite rough around the edges.


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