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Cadillac Says Sedans Are Still Part Of Its Future

Cadillac Says Sedans Are Still Part Of Its Future

The sedan has been all but killed off as customers continue to favor roomier crossovers and SUVs for their daily drivers. While Cadillac offers a full lineup of luxury crossovers and SUVs, it hasn’t turned its back on sedans even as the EV revolution is in full swing, as Cadillac Society reported almost two years ago. In fact, the luxury marque recently confirmed that it fully intends on keeping sedans in its lineup for the foreseeable future.

According to a report from the Australian automotive news outlet Drive, Vice President of Global Design for Cadillac parent General Motors, Mike Simcoe, said that the luxury marque has a sedan waiting in the wings for its impending debut. 

“We will certainly have a sedan in the portfolio at some point in the future,” Simcoe said. “SUVs are a necessary evil. They’ve taken over the market … [SUVs are] a comfortable, rational purchase. For those who can afford it, though, there’s always a second car that isn’t an SUV. Sedans aren’t dead.”

Currently, Cadillac offers the gasoline-powered Cadillac CT4 and Cadillac CT5 luxury sedans in North America. It also offers the all-electric Cadillac Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan, although its $300,000 starting MSRP prices it out of the range of many buyers. 

Back in 2022, sources familiar with the matter told Cadillac Society that there are a few “low H-point” (“low hip-point”) vehicles in development. In other words, a vehicle like the Cadillac Lyriq is said to have a “regular hip-point,” meaning it has a higher ride height and allows for easier entry and egress than a vehicle with a low hip point (such as a sedan) or a high hip point (such as an SUV like the Escalade). One of these low H-point vehicles will be an EV smaller in stature than the Celestiq, and it will have a more approachable starting price.

Even as Cadillac focuses on bringing more electric luxury crossovers to market like the Cadillac Optiq and Cadillac Vistiq, it will still stubbornly offer sedans, no matter how niche the market may become.

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  1. Cadillac made a big mistake killing off the CT6 in the US market. The CT4 & 5 are too small and do not function well for people who want a large luxury sedan that has room and comfort.

    The second generation CT6 available in China would be a goo re-entry sedan for Cadillac.

  2. If Cadillac states that “it fully intends on keeping sedans in its lineup for the foreseeable future”, then where are the electric sedans comparable to the CT4 and CT5?

  3. Good to read that. Not everybody like SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. On the other hand, a SUV roomier? practical? In which planet? SUV´s offer no more room than a sedan and having a higher gravity center and with the carachteristics of their design, they offer more resistance to the wind, consume more and are more expensive to maintain. AT least I don´t like how SUV´s look, how they ride and I don´t find them practical. Therefore I will never buy one. Matter of tastes maybe.

  4. Then why did the kill the CT6? A 3rd Gen would have finally made it world class… but its been dead for 4+ years now… no Cad big sedan… its just pathetic. The current 2 sedans are ancient, the CT4 goes back to 2012’s ATS and the CT5 the 2013 CTS. While they’re still competent they’re no where near class leading or world class. The only thing going for them are their engines and gm charges more than they should. This company is rudderless… the only way EV is going to be the dominant player is by force.


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