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Cadillac Canada Sales Fell 14 Percent In Fourth Quarter 2023

Cadillac Canada Sales Fell 14 Percent In Fourth Quarter 2023

Cadillac Canada sales decreased 14 percent to 3,290 units during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the complete 2023 calendar year, U.S. Cadillac sales increased 1.7 percent to 15,483 units.

Sales Results - Q4 2023 - Canada - Cadillac

MODELQ4 2023 / Q4 2022Q4 2023Q4 2022YTD 2023 / YTD 2022 YTD 2023YTD 2022
CT4-21.89% 100128-5.88%576 612
CT5-14.74% 2663120.00%1,038 1,038
ESCALADE-9.23% 610672-2.33%2,681 2,745
ESCALADE ESV+21.08% 270223+11.40%997 895
LYRIQ* 381**917 0
XT4-42.67% 6261,092-2.78%4,063 4,179
XT5-27.73% 7271,006-12.20%3,708 4,223
XT6-16.45% 310371-1.18%1,503 1,521
CADILLAC TOTAL-13.51% 3,2903,804+1.76%15,483 15,215

The Cadillac Society Take

The drop in Cadillac Canada sales during the fourth quarter of 2023 not only becomes the second consecutive quarterly contraction of the luxury marque in the country, but also follows the result of Q3 2023 in maintaining the same 14 percent rate of change seen during the previous quarter. These results continue to deepen Cadillac’s negative performance in the Canadian market after experiencing a full year of growth.

As was the case during the third quarter of 2023, most Cadillac models saw notable decreases in volume during Q4 in Canada. This includes Cadillac XT4, which lost its typically sales as the marque’s best-selling vehicle. The compact crossover lost nearly 500 units on a year-over-year basis during the quarter, but maintained its leading position for the complete 2023 calendar year. The other most impacted model was the Cadillac XT5, which fell from second to third place in the lineup with a reduction of nearly 300 deliveries.

The Cadillac Escalade was the marque’s best-selling model in the Canadian market during the fourth quarter of last year with total sales of 880 deliveries. The increase came from healthy growth of the long-wheelbase Escalade ESV, which was once again the only model to finish the quarter in the green. In addition, the Cadillac Lyriq surpassed the previous quarter’s sales record, delivering 381 units – the best record for the electric crossover in Canada to date.

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  1. I live in Canada and I’ve had Cadillacs since 2013. All ATS’, with a regretful early adoption of a CT4. Big mistake, so sought out a 2018 low mileage ATS and traded it. My take on Cadillac sales with the current line up: sedans; not good value for money; IMHO, cross between chev Malibu and Honda Accords. XT4 – vanilla, like all its competitors; XT5 – its being discontinued (except China); XT6 – why? buy the Escalade instead; and Escalade – great for Albertans, not so good for downtown Toronto, and a Chev Suburban is practically the same vehicle, but thousands dollars less, so buy it. Lastly, WRT dealers: many are giving up the Cadillac moniker, as they’re not prepared to put up the expense to convert to the EV strategy to which GM has committed. Further, recent winter temperatures north of the 49th parallel are bringing to light the shortcomings that EVs hold in store – to include the all EV Cadillac line up. Bottom line: I’m hanging onto my ATS for as long as possible!


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