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2024 Cadillac GT4 In Alaska White Spotted In Michigan

2024 Cadillac GT4 In Alaska White Spotted In Michigan

Despite the fact that the Cadillac GT4 is a product that is and will be exclusive to the Chinese market, Cadillac Society spotted a production-ready example undergoing testing in Michigan over the summer. Now, we’ve spotted another GT4 out and about near Cadillac facilities in Michigan, this time sporting a coat of Alaska White paint with a sporty black roof. 

As a reminder, the Cadillac GT4 is the luxury marque’s new entry level crossover for the Chinese market, slotting beneath the larger Cadillac XT4. In fact, both of the luxury crossovers utilize the same E2 platform and feature similar exterior dimensions, although the GT4 is marketed toward a younger demographic with interest in sportier vehicles. 

The 2024 Cadillac GT4 will be offered in four trim levels – Fashion, Deluxe, Distinguished and Platinum. The standard engine found in Fashion, Deluxe and Distinguished trims is the turbocharged 1.5L I4 that is tuned to produce 208 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque, along with front-wheel-drive.

Meanwhile, the range-topping Platinum trim level gets all-wheel-drive paired with the turbocharged 2.0L I4 with 233 horsepower and 258 pound-feet.

Outside, the GT4 features a front end that’s strikingly similar to the refreshed 2024 Cadillac XT4 and Cadillac CT5, featuring horizontal turn signals along with vertical accent lights positioned outside the forward-facing headlamp assemblies. The roof has a noticeable downward slope, while the tail lights feature a boomerang shape, with both horizontal and vertical elements.

Inside, the Cadillac GT4 boasts a cockpit very similar to that of the Cadillac Lyriq. This includes borrowed elements from the electric luxury crossover, such as a two-tone colorway along with a large 33-inch curved 9K dual-screen display panel. 

The GT4 launched in May 2023 when it was announced alongside the refreshed 2024 XT4 for the Chinese market and the all-new, second-generation Cadillac CT6. Production of the GT4 takes place at the SAIC-GM Dong Yue plant in China.

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  1. The edgy commanding front and three quarter say HOT, HOT hatch with future Cad styling language. But, the rear quarter window’s Gremlin-esque triangle does not please my eye nearly so. Am I dating myself? How is the rear visibility?

  2. Why not available in america. I was not aware that the chinese market built general motors to the giant it was!!

  3. The USA deserves to be able to purchase the GT4 and have it built here. Cadillac was our number one luxury automobile . Now China gets first dips . Very very sad!!

    • The whole focus that cadillac has for China may come back to bite them. Cadillac seems to forget who made them who they were. It was the Americans. Wait till we have a falling out with China, then maybe GM will wake up, maybe!


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