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We Render The Upcoming Cadillac EV To Slot Above The Lyriq

We Render The Upcoming Cadillac EV To Slot Above The Lyriq

In February 2023, Cadillac Society  reported that the luxury marque had begun testing a large Cadillac EV that will slot above the Lyriq in its lineup. Shortly thereafter, we spotted the model undergoing testing in prototype form, though heavy camouflage effectively hid the design details of the forthcoming electric crossover, making it difficult to discern what’s behind the vinyl wrap. However, using what we were able to see, we’ve undertaken the challenge of rendering what this obscure Cadillac EV could look like beneath the veil.

Above-Lyriq Cadillac EV prototype

Above-Lyriq Cadillac EV rendering by Cadillac Society

In order to do so, we borrowed heavily from several existing models in Caddy’s lineup to create our renderin of the yet-unnamed and unannounced Cadillac EV. Perhaps the most obvious muse for this rendering is the Cadillac Lyriq, which inspired the vehicle’s front end. Note the chevron-shaped “grille,” which, like the Lyriq, features a flashy LED lighting pattern. We also gave it the same vertical and horizontal front lighting elements as seen on the Lyriq, along with the lower intakes and splitter.

In terms of its overall shape, our rendering closely resembles the Cadillac XT6, borrowing its boxy form factor, beltline and upright demeanor. However, our renderings feature a longer wheelbase along with a longer dash-to-axle ratio when compared to that of the XT6; both of these features are present and accounted for on the prototype we spied.

Above-Lyriq Cadillac EV rendering by Cadillac Society

Finally, the rear of our Cadillac EV rendering takes after the Cadillac Escalade, featuring thin, vertically-oriented taillights. In fact, this detail was one of the few things that appear to be present on the aforementioned prototyper, so this treatment – or something similar – will likely make it to the production model. 

Above-Lyriq Cadillac EV prototype

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V

Whatever it may look like, the real-life Cadillac EV is one of three electric models set to be revealed by the luxury marque in 2023. A full reveal of this mysterious electric Cadillac utility is expected to take place during the latter part of the 2023 calendar year, and it will likely enter production during the 2024 calendar year as a 2025 model year vehicle. At this time, it’s not clear what nameplate this EV could fly under, but the luxury marque has already filed to trademark Optiq, Ascendiq, Vistiq and Lumistiq, so it could very well be one of these.

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  1. At least this EV has a smiling face unlike most other ‘lectrics


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