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No Barriers Ad Showcases Entire 2021 Cadillac Lineup: Video

No Barriers Ad Showcases Entire 2021 Cadillac Lineup: Video

A new Cadillac ad campaign is here, and it display the luxury brand’s fresh new vehicle lineup. Entitled “Make Your Way”, the campaign was originally announced in February. Its first ad – “No Barriers” – showcases the 2021 Cadillac vehicle lineup.

Set to the catchy melody of “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow featuring Run The Jewels, the minute-long spot shows folks in different environments such as in a business meeting, a library, and on the street catch glimpses of Cadillac models that are driving by, and breaking through glass, doors, walls and even interstate ramps to chase the cars. According to Cadillac, the action of breaking through the aforementioned items is a symbolization of success achieved through boundary-pushing strength and determination, and breaking down barriers – as the ad’s title implies.

The spot features the complete 2021 Cadillac lineup, including the XT4, XT5, XT6, the Escalade, plus the all-new 2021 Escalade (at the very end). The new CT4 and CT5 sedans also make a rather handsome appearance in red and gray, respectively. Sadly, the now-discontinued CT6 is not on display. The spot concludes with words by Oscar-winning actress and acclaimed director Regina King.

“Cadillac. For those who make a way, find a way, and challenge the rest to get out of the way. Others talk about the road to success, we make cars for it.”

“Cadillac has always represented success… there’s a swagger, a sexiness, to the vehicles. There’s also a realness and a sense of ambition that I identify with. Through sheer perseverance, I’ve found my way through doors some never thought possible. There’s a real connection for me with Cadillac, and that is why I wanted to get involved,” King was quoted as saying in a press release.

The No Barriers ad initially ran during the 92nd Oscars presentation on February 9th, 2020. Cadillac has been airing ads during the ceremony’s broadcast – which is second only to the Super Bowl in global viewership – to launch new products and brand campaigns. The spot is now running nationwide on the airwaves.

“Cadillac is inspired by those who have a passion for what’s next,” said Melissa Grady, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “They make their way by going through obstacles, not around them. Such unwavering self-determination pushes them to succeed and inspires others to do the same. That’s the heart of ‘Make Your Way’ and the soul of Cadillac.”

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  1. So they showed the entire 2021 lineup. When do they plan to deliver them?

    • ?

      • Hurts my feelings not to see the late and great CT6. Cadillac’s finest and last effort to being better than the competition (although its interior should have been better).

    • They will be delivered by September, but the real question is can YOU afford one?

  2. Not bad. It’s much like the CT5 spot I see so often.

    I have to ask: Why would the CT6 be on display if it’s discontinued?

  3. Please explain the procedure for replacing the 2010-2015 SRX headlights. My dealer said I must pay for them and then seek reimbursement from GM. Why is this not in holding with the Cadillac service. It’s an admitted defect, use a the deductible for the dealer or as a soft recall or a warranty, especially for original owners. Original owners should be treated as a warranty issue. I also recently leased a CT6, so as a loyal customer of at least 6 Cadillacs; I should be treated better than this.

  4. Fire the ad agency! This is just as bad or worse than the ‘The Caddy that Zigs’ from years ago.

    I get what they’re trying to do but it flops.

    • There’s no context or reference to features, performance, engineering,… save for the exterior design that would influence the actions of those in the video.

  5. The ad is for Cadillac the brand. If they rattled off everything you listed for the entire product line the ad would go for 5 minutes and attention of the audience would be lost.

    This is meant to expess a point of view and promote the brand as a whole, not rattle off a table of specifications. People who are interested would likely go the website.

    • Detailed specs not required.

      But at the very least, pick one overarching topic, whether it be feature(s), performance, engineering…, and highlight how the brand has broken thru what was previously considered a barrier or barriers or has developed something improved or groundbreaking.

      This here is nothing more than distractive theatrics with people running thru glass and such – c’mon, a female jumps from an overpass and lands like an action flick superhero – that amounts to such cheesy overkill that the message can’t be taken seriously.

      Again, the intention is seen but weak without context for reference.

  6. So, did Cadillac tease a new product at 0:19 secs into this video? I don’t recognize that design detail on any current offering, or the 2021 Escalade. It appears to be a front-facing design element, but not a headlight cluster, though the design “suggests” it’s located where the headlights should be. Could this be the Lyriq? Headlamps in the lower facia? Let me know what you all think!!

    • Funny you mention that. According to Cadillac (which I reached out to officially), it’s the headlamp of the 2021 Escalade, as seen from the top.

  7. Cadillac’s marketing “effort” continues to flounder. There is nothing in these ads that will compel people to test drive the CT5, or even explain what the CT5 after the CTS has been discontinued.

    • +10

      It’s a smoke & mirrors campaign and nothing more.

      • So showing off the entire lineup is “smoke and mirrors”. Okay then.

        • Ah! Being unconvincingly coy when others can comprehend what is meant by the term of ‘smoke and mirrors’.

          Okay then.


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