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Cadillac XT6 Sales Total 4,316 Units In Q3 2019

Cadillac XT6 Sales Total 4,316 Units In Q3 2019

Cadillac XT6 sales totaled 4,316 units in the United States and 139 units in Canada during the third quarter of 2019. Sales of the XT6 in other markets, such as Mexico and South Korea, have not yet begun.

Cadillac XT6 Sales - Q3 2019 - United States

In the United States, Cadillac XT6 deliveries totaled 4,316 units in Q3 2019.

In the first nine months of the year, XT6 sales totaled 4,390 units.
MODEL Q3 2019 / Q3 2018 Q3 2019 Q3 2018YTD 2019 / YTD 2018 YTD 2019 YTD 2018
XT6 * 4,316 * * 4,390 0

Cadillac XT6 Sales - Q3 2019 - Canada

In Canada, Cadillac XT6 deliveries totaled 139 units in Q3 2019.

In the first nine months of the year, XT6 sales totaled 140 units.
MODEL Q3 2019 / Q3 2018 Q3 2019 Q3 2018YTD 2019 / YTD 2018 YTD 2019 YTD 2018
XT6 * 139 * * 140 0

Competitive Sales Comparison

Third-quarter Cadillac XT6 sales volume puts the crossover in seventh place out of eight in its competitive set in terms of cumulative sales volume, behind the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class in first, BMW X5/X6 in second (for a combined 12,895 deliveries), Volvo XC90 in third, Infiniti QX60 in fourth, Audi Q7 in fifth, and Lexus GX in sixth. The Cadillac XT6 outsold the Lincoln Aviator during the quarter, though both the XT6 and Aviator saw relatively limited availability during the timeframe.

We should also note that the Lexus RX accounted for 28,109 units, with some of those units being the RX-L that competes in the E-Segment luxury SUV space. However, Lexus does not break out sales of the regular, two-row RX from the three-row RX-L model, so we have not included it in our table.

Sales Numbers - E-Segment Luxury Crossovers - Q3 2019 - United States

MODEL Q3 19 / Q3 18 Q3 19 Q3 18 Q3 19 SHARE Q3 18 SHARE YTD 19 / YTD 18 YTD 19 YTD 18
MERCEDES-BENZ GLE-CLASS +30.79% 15,533 11,876 23% 22% -3.64% 33,358 34,617
BMW X5 +87.80% 12,665 6,744 19% 12% +19.01% 37,035 31,120
BMW X6 -83.48% 230 1,392 0% 3% -35.96% 3,275 5,114
VOLVO XC90 +15.58% 8,874 7,678 13% 14% +5.31% 24,909 23,652
INFINITI QX60 -8.67% 8,785 9,619 13% 18% -0.55% 31,621 31,795
AUDI Q7 -10.42% 8,516 9,507 13% 18% -9.98% 24,549 27,270
LEXUS GX -13.76% 6,405 7,427 10% 14% -9.01% 17,376 19,097
CADILLAC XT6 * 4,316 * 6% 0% * 4,390 0
LINCOLN AVIATOR * 1,899 * 3% 0% * 1,899 0
TOTAL +23.93% 67,223 54,243 +3.33% 178,412 172,665

The luxury E-crossover segment expanded 24 percent to 67,223 units in Q3 2019.

The Cadillac Society Take

Cadillac XT6 sales in Q3 2019 were respectable. Inventories at the retail (dealer) level were still building up during the timeframe, meaning that availability was rather low.

In total, Cadillac delivered 67 percent more crossovers in the third quarter of 2019 than it did during the same timeframe last year, representing the highest growth in the luxury CUV space in the U.S. The increase is directly a result of the Cadillac XT6 and XT4, both of which are new to the lineup.

We expect Cadillac XT6 sales to increase in the coming quarters as inventory builds at the dealer level, though the circumstance could take longer than planned as a result of the recent UAW strike that saw no Cadillac XT6 production for roughly 45 days.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Cadillac XT6 sales in Q3 2018, unless otherwise noted
  • In the United States, there were 76 selling days in Q3 2019 and 76 selling days in Q3 2018
  • South Korea sales figures reflect actual vehicle registrations rather than wholesales
Third quarter 2019 Cadillac sales results:
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  1. When will the xt5 electric be available and will it have a sport trim?

  2. Low sales means that there are still many idiotic buyers that continue to believe that imports are better. They are not! But both Cadillac and Lincoln will continue to fight an uphill battle unless some restrictions or import tariff are used against imports just as what those foreign brand do in their nation of origin against U.S. brands.

    • I think it may be a bit early to call sales “low”. Inventory has yet to build. Remember the XT6 is the first entry Cadillac has had in it’s particular market segment.

      As for the Aviator, it is well documented that Ford has been unable to build saleable units and that their Flat Rock plant is re-building bunches of them before shipping to dealers. Not a good “visual”, but Americans have short memories and it should recover. I think Aviator might be Lincolns best seller.

    • @Raymond Ramirez Dude I love how supportive you are of this company. I believe that Cadillac and Lincoln has the potential.


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