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Cadillac CT6-V Not Coming To China: Exclusive

Cadillac CT6-V Not Coming To China: Exclusive

The Cadillac CT6-V is currently available in the U.S. and Canada, but not in China. And it will remain that way.

“We have no plans to bring [CT6-V] to additional markets at this point,” Cadillac representative, Stefan Cross, told Cadillac Society.

It’s uncertain why, exactly, the Cadillac CT6-V won’t make it to the China, currently the world’s largest auto market that also happens to be Cadillac’s biggest market by sales volume. However, we can think of a number of possible contributing factors.

The first are emissions standards. The latest China-6 regulations went into effect on July 1st, causing widespread discounts on older, non-compliant vehicles. The CT6-V would be a part of these non-compliant vehicles, which would cause its owners to pay more in taxes and on-roading fees.

What’s more, the Cadillac CT6-V is powered by Caddy’s all-new twin-turbo 4.2L V8 engine, known more popularly as the Blackwing. That engine is hand-built in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. Not only would Chinese export put pressure on the motor’s already-limited production volume, but it would also open up new tariff-related issues, adding extra cost to the CT6-V’s bottom line in the process.

All told, the Cadillac CT6-V will remain an exclusive product for U.S. and Canadian consumers.

The Cadillac CT6-V was first announced on March 28th, 2018, as the CT6 V-Sport, offering upwards of 550 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque in a big, premium four-door package. The model is the most powerful offering in the CT6 range and serves as the brand’s range-topping offering. Cadillac renamed the model the CT6-V that following September, and opened order books in January of 2019.

Pre-orders sold out within minutes. Subsequent units saw a $4,000 price hike. Presently, not a single Cadillac CT6-V has been shipped, but according to Cadillac representative, Stefan Cross, they will start shipping “soon.” For the time being, all Cadillac CT6-V units are sold out for the 2019 model year, but orders for the 2020 model year are opening up. How many CT6-V models were made for 2019 and how many will be allocated for 2020 is unclear.

While it was originally announced that the CT6 would be discontinued in North America, executives from Cadillac and its parent company, General Motors, have since confirmed that the lineup will indeed continue onwards into the foreseeable future.

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  1. I wonder if there’s a production issue with the V8? As I understand it, the 2019 units sold haven’t shipped to their owners yet. Perhaps it’s not possible to build more engines than US demand?

  2. As China is Cadillacs biggest market and GM is only focused on numbers, I’d say the CT6-V is going to be short lived in the USA as well. GM is so damn cheap, they won’t make this car because of the numbers whereas if they’d put a little more into it and give is 5 minutes of marketing, and a reasonable but aspirational price, the car IMO would sell. As long as Lexus makes an LS, MB and S, BMW a 7, Audi an A8, Genesis a flagship sedan, Cadillac NEEDS to be in this game.

    The Blackwing V8 is supposedly hand made so its likely to be a limited availablity model anyhow. That said its a special car and needs to stay in the game.

    On another note: I sat in my first XT6 today and I thought it was actually not bad. It looked good, the interior, although with some hard plastics in certain areas, I thought it was pretty nice. This one was white(like a pearl) with tan interior… and was priced at $66K. Would I buy it… I’d certainly give it a more serious look next year when I”m in the market. It could have been more.. but again, it was pretty nice.

  3. I have CT6 Platinum and LOVE this car! Traded MB S class V12 in for it and the Cad is the better car by far. Only drawback is the 8 speed trans which continues rough shifting despite
    terrific dealership work and support. Cannot believe corporate can let this problem continue
    without a fix! Serious flaw in an otherwise “Standard of the World” automobile!

  4. I heard rumors that the CT6 will cease production in January 2020. Is this fact or fiction?


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