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Cadillac CT5 Coupe Revealed In New Design Patent

Cadillac CT5 Coupe Revealed In New Design Patent

Feast your eyes on the very first images of what we believe to be the upcoming Cadillac CT5 Coupe.

Cadillac parent company, General Motors, filed a design patent for a “vehicle body exterior” on February 14th, 2017. The USPTO then granted the design patent application (assigned patent number D821,923) on July 3rd, 2018.

Without mentioning Cadillac specifically, the design patent clearly depicts a two-door Cadillac coupe and contains the following six images/angles:

  • Figure 1 is a front and left side perspective view of a vehicle body exterior
  • Figure 2 is a rear and left perspective thereof
  • Figure 3 is a left side elevation view thereof, the right side elevation view is substantially a mirror image thereof
  • Figure 4 is a front view thereof
  • Figure 5 is a rear view thereof, and
  • Figure 6 is a top view thereof

In addition, the broken lines shown throughout the drawing views are for illustrative purposes only and form no part of the claimed design.

The patent sheet lists Jaehoon Lee of Prahran, Australia as the inventor. A LinkedIn profile shows that Jae Hoon Lee works at General Motors in Melbourne, Australia as a Creative Designer, with GM Korea being listed as a previous place of employment.

Check out the complete design patent here (in PDF format), and be sure to follow ongoing coverage of Cadillac CT5 news and general Cadillac news from Cadillac Society.

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Alex is the founder of Cadillac Society. He has a deep passion for automotive business strategy and enjoys driving his ATS sedan on twisty mountain roads.


  1. It’s like the Avista concept and the Escala had a baby. I love it!

  2. I’ll take mine in Crystal White Metallic with a red leather interior.
    PS. Please offer red leather in the next gen CTS/CT5.
    PPS. it should be similar in color to the red leather offered in the 1990 Seville.

  3. Really glad to learn the coupe will live on. Hope it’s sized more like a CTS vs ATS.

  4. Coupe looks great on paper, just as our ATS Coupe did, and in person. Hopefully, people will more easily enter and exit rear with a larger trunk. If so and decent power while made in America it will be toward the top of the list.

  5. Everyone offers a GT style coupe like this, as an aging boomer w/no kids I absolutely want Coupe but more traditional would be preferable as there is real and usable space in the back seat vs this. Think 63 Riviera, 76 Cutlass, 70 Grand Prix. As slick as this might be it’ll be lost in the others, a personal luxury coupe would stand out.

    • If you think this is going to get lost among other vehicles, then others must be offering some seriously good-looking offerings… which they are not. The other models in this space, mostly from the German makes, are designed in a very conservative and boring way, and this here Cadillac should stand out among them.

      • I hope you are right. I am looking for a beautiful car, and performer from Cadillac without being a huge drooping mess. It needs to be size of 2nd gen CTS. I loved our 2008 CTS size and price compared to competition.

      • I never said the others were good looking, I don’t think they are but; this GT style back end is everywhere, Mercedes Coupes, BMW’s, Infiniti’s… I just think a Personal Luxury Coupe, a styled Coupe, not a 2 door version of a 4 door but a luxury 2 door as mentioned above, would set their car apart. And they need to dump the “me too” alpha-numerics. I want my car to say something about “ME”, not about where it slots into the Mfr’s line up.

        • Regarding the idea of a “personal coupe: I’m afraid that the days of Cadillac coupes that are not based on a higher-volume sedan counterpart are over, at least for now. Deriving a coupe off a sedan is a standard practice nowadays that makes it possible to bring a low-volume coupe to market from a financial standpoint. There are various exceptions to this rule (Mercedes-AMG GT, Mercedes-Benz SL, BMW i8, Audi R8) but those are generally priced to start over $100,000, and their ATP is typically closer to $200,000 or more… and they don’t command as much profit as the sedan-derived models.

          The overwhelming bulk of the market exists in sedan-derived coupes and convertibles, and that’s what Cadillac will do with the CT5 Coupe. That said, I do believe that Cadillac would like to do one of these as a pet project that brings in some profits, but not before it gets the core of its product portfolio out the door to make the real money.

          But besides all that, is an ATS Coupe not a “personal luxury coupe”?

          Regarding the naming: it’s fine either way, either as alpha-numeric or as regular names. The important thing is that the name of the car doesn’t dictate the success of the car (unless it’s a really bad name with a significantly negative theme/connotation). Instead, the car (and the vehicle brand that it’s attached to) define the car’s name and its overall commercial success.

          BMW has had zero issues selling significant amounts of # Series vehicles. The same goes for Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo and Jaguar. The balance is totally in the direction of alpha-numerics, and people are fine with it. This is not an area in which Cadillac can develop a competitive advantage by using “real” names.

          And by the way, I would personally rather drive a car called the Cadillac CT5 than a Cadillac Catera based on the name alone (not based on the potentially negative reputation of the Catera name when associated with a Cadillac product). It’s me who says something about my car… my car complements me – it doesn’t define me.

          • Interesting comments but a CTS based 2 door with different sheet metal would not be that expensive to do and have its own personality. The ATS (and I have owned one and loved it) is just not big enough, for me, I prefer the EClass size.

            BMW has always been a 3 Series, etc… Mercedes in the last 3O years or so has been _ Class. BMW was about where the car was in their portfolio and engines, Mercedes pretty much the same. So… Cadillac is a “me to” to the party when they have used names for decades. While we can agree to disagree, Lincoln is returning to names and Acura went from names to alphanumerics and their sales never recovered. They wanted folks to say “I have an Acura” vs “I have a Vigor or a Legend” brilliant names. For Cadillac to reuse a lame name like Catera, from a lame car would clearly be a mistake and I think you know that. Fleetwood for the CT6 is a great idea. The CT5 should be a Seville… which has character, class, heritage and its also a city in Spain which evokes all sorts of things. CT5 is a collection of letters that really mean nothing… The Std of the World should evoke more than that…

          • I love my 15 ATS Coupe and it is truly a Luxury Coupe. My only problem with it trunk space/storage. I almost bought an XT5 last month but decided to wait for 19/20s. Glad I did. Hopefully this coupe will be bigger than the ATS and have a lift back.

            • My point exactly. I loved my ATS 3.6 Premium, (4Dr) it was a fantastic car. I loved the way it looked (Black w/Red interior) and the great looking wheels. I think CUE is cool too. But the back seat which was hardly used was cramped. As this was always a big complaint I was perplexed as to why they didn’t make the ATS-L that is still sold in China, here. The ATS Coupe is really a 2 seater and I like its look, but I’m w/you, a bigger car would sell better. I”m hoping for something more like the El Miraj or the Buick Avista vs this GT Style Coupe that will be just like the others on the market, w/a cramped back seat area. And a name would be icing on the cake.

    • Have you seen the rear seats in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 8 Series? Those are some real usable rear seats there… but then again, if you’re buying a two-door car and are concerned about rear seat room, would you not be better off in a four-door?

    • That was called the Eldorado ETC form the late mid 90’s until 2002 when Cadillac killed their most Iconic car.

      • The Eldorado was “iconic”? News to me!

  6. Introduce the CT5 Coupe as soon as possible. Include top materials on the interior with a Platinum trim or something similar to the Designo Editions from Mercedes with special colors of leather. Ditch the Escala’s “boomerang” tail lamps and add the El Miraj tail lamps!

  7. Could the line across the roof indicate a lift back?

  8. It’s C7 Coupe on Omega chassis.

    • CT7 Coupe not C7. It Cadillac CT7 coupe on these omega chassis.


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