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    I get the same way either through Cadillac chat on their website or Facebook chat. Calling them directly seems to provide more inaccurate information unfortunately


    Ugh ,
    I told them that was exactly the same words they said last week. Was the car actually in production last week. Said they didn’t know 🤔

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    I feel your frustration because I am going through the same. The girl was telling me the same thing today and I finally asked her to put down the script and look at a calendar to realize that today is the 20th and we are well past December 13th. What makes it worse is I found a car at another dealer which is close to the one that I ordered but I would still rather hold out for the one that I ordered exactly. They don’t seem to care if they get your business or not. It’s amazing how we can track something we order from Walmart easier than a vehicle that costs at least $50,000


    Like how is there not some kind of different notes for an update.
    Or say hey your production week has actually changed.

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    I agree. And these people are completely clueless and when I asked to speak to someone else or elevate my claim they tell me thats all the info that’s available. When I ordered a BMW back in 2012 I was able to track it every step of the way and even track its journey on the ship to the states. It’s just insane so all we can do is just keep checking in daily. It also looks like the plants will be closed the Christmas week so if things don’t get done by the 24th we’re screwing until after the New Year. 😞


    Ridiculous, I hate to bother. But it’s just the lack of communication/ no communication for me. 😩

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    It’s our hard-earned money and we want what we want. It’s their responsibility to keep us in the loop. It’s the same way with my dealership it’s very hard to get information and communication effectively. I just keep looking at a picture of the car I ordered and telling myself it’ll be worth it when it finally arrives. I already mine on September 23rd so I know we’re getting close. It’s just real frustrating but we just got to keep checking and checking.


    Ordered mine first week of October.
    Hopefully receive sooner rather than later 🙏🏻

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    Even though we’re being bounced around a lot I think we’re still in pretty good shape and it shouldn’t be too much longer. Hope we can do is hope and pray for a Christmas miracle. 😊🙏🤶


    Hopefully!! 🙏🏻 We’ll have a great Christmas and New Years !


    Sam boat here guys

    My TPW got pushed back to 1/17/22- two weeks back from 1/4/22. Here we go. Hoping to have this thing my mid February

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    Just visited my dealer this morning and my target production week is still sitting at 12/13/21. Makes no sense and I have been bounced back to event code 3100 and now back to 3400 and now have the first eight digits of my Vin so it looks like the car is being produced but not sure anymore after that. Factory rep coming later today to hopefully shed some light on the situation but I’ve never seen so much confusion before on an order. How can someone not know if the car has been built or not and if it’s being held up what is the reason?


    Just checked says I’m still at 3400 with production week last week.
    This upcoming Monday will be 2 weeks.
    hopefully will have an update then since they keep saying to check back in two weeks for an update

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    Just got a call from my dealership general manager who said he just spoke with the regional manager and should have some information in a day or so as to why all the confusion and what’s going on so I will pass on any further knowledge that I can find


    Just contacted online chat again just told me same thing theyve been saying ..production 12/13. To check back in 1 to 2 weeks I said today has been 2 weeks so I want a different update. Said to contact dealership for an update. Not sure as to why Cadillac can’t give me an update. But waiting to hear back from my dealership.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 216 total)
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