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The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech Trim Misses Out On These Features

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech Trim Misses Out On These Features

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech trim level was introduced as a less expensive trim of the luxury electric crossover, making it more approachable for buyers who may not have the budget for a pricier, better-equipped model. However, in order to stay affordable, the Lyriq Tech lacks a number of features offered on higher-tiered trims. Below, Cadillac Society outlines the top 10 features missing from the base Lyriq Tech. 

  1. Super Cruise: the Lyriq Tech does not offer the luxury marque’s semi-autonomous driver assist system, meaning that it does not offer hands-free driving capabilities.
  2. Active Noise Cancellation: Active Noise Cancellation helps mitigate noise inside the cabin. Without it, the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech’s interior is likely noisier than its more well-equipped counterparts.
  3. AKG Studio 19-speaker audio system: the Lyriq Tech features a seven-speaker audio system as standard, and does not offer the AKG Studio system, even as an option. If sound is a priority, buyers should look at higher-tiered trims.
  4. Multi-color ambient lighting: a nice touch to the cabin’s ambience, the Lyriq Tech lacks this feature.
  5. Heated steering wheel and ventilated seats: depending on where you live and the weather you experience, these could be dealbreakers.
  6. Front-seat massage: if you’re splurging for a luxury vehicle, why not opt for luxurious features? Alas, the Lyriq Tech doesn’t offer this feature.
  7. Slimline LED headlights and taillamps with choreography: upgraded exterior lighting not only makes a statement, but can improve visibility, and it looks great in the Lyriq. Alas, the Lyriq Tech gets a set of LED headlights and taillights, but without the LED feature.
  8. Rainsense wipers: handier than fumbling for a stalk on the steering wheel.
  9. Black roof option: the Lyriq Tech lacks the sporty Black-painted roof.
  10. Hands-free power liftgate: a handy feature that Lyriq Tech owners miss out on. 

Check out the full list of features offered on all 2024 Cadillac Lyriq trims in the table below, including availability, and see just what the Tech trim level lacks compared to better-equipped Luxury and Sport trims.

Features Not Offered By The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech
RPO/Color Code Luxury 1 / Sport 1 Luxury 2 / Sport 2 Luxury 3 / Sport 3
Super Cruise UKL - S S
Active Noise Cancellation NKR - S S
Rear Console Forced Air Vents C77 - - S
AKG Studio 19-speaker audio system UQP - S S
Cargo area cover RYJ - - S
Tri-zone automatic climate control CJ4 - - S
Multi-color ambient interior lighting C70 S S S
Auto-dimming inside rearview mirror DD8 S S -
Rear Camera Mirror DRZ - - S
Driver seat with power lumbar massage AF6 - S S
Front passenger seat with power lumbar massage AKE - S S
Heated rear outboard seats KA6 - - S
Ventilated front seats KU9 - S S
Power flat-folding 60/40-split rear seats A9U - S S
8-way power front passenger seat1 A7K - S S
Vehicle tilt/inclination sensor UTU - - S
Vehicle interior movement sensor UTV - - S
Power tilt and telescoping steering column N38 S S S
Heated steering wheel KI3 S S S
Power panoramic dual-panel sliding sunroof with power sunshade2 CAJ - A A
Self-powered theft-deterrent system UTR - - S
Inteluxe seats with perforated inserts3 - S S -
Full Nappa leather seats with perforated inserts - - - A
Dark PaperWood interior trim4 - S S -
Dark Ash genuine open pore wood trim - - - S
Black roof option 41T A A A
Illuminating door handles HD7 S S S
Hands-free power liftgate5 TC2 - - S
Slimline LED headlamps with choreography TGE S S S
Automatic leveling headlamps TR7 S S S
Illuminated lower rear spoiler - S S S
LED choreography capable taillamps TAU S S S
Rainsense intermittent windshield wipers CE1 S S S
22-inch alloy wheels6 PJA/PHZ - - S
19.2 kW AC charging module K2O - A A
  1. 6-way power front passenger seat standard on Tech, Luxury 1 and Sport
  2. Fixed glass roof with power sunshade standard on all trim levels
  3. Inteluxe seats standard on Tech
  4. Genuine aluminum trim with two-tone upper bolster accents standard on Tech
  5. Power liftgate standard on Tech, Luxury 1, Sport 1, Luxury 2 and Sport 2
  6. 20-inch wheels standard on Tech, Luxury 1, Sport 1, Luxury 2 and Sport 2, optional on Luxury 3 and Sport 3

As a reminder, the Lyriq rides on the luxury marque’s BEV3 platform, and is assembled at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee for all markets except for China.

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  1. I would order the Luxury 3 model, but change the wheels for 20-inch. The 22-inch wheels use tires that are too expensive.

    • Agreed to some extent Raymond:

      I have a 2023 Luxury LYRIQ (phone was busy when trying to get in line for the much more reasonable DEBUT model), which has all of the LUXURY 3 standard things plus the 19.2 kw charger standard, which I’ve no need for.

      The only dealbreaker on the 2024 LYRIQs is the 5G infotainment system. I simply will not have this horrid technology in any of my vehicles. In time, it will be discontinued (like 8 track tape players) but in the interim I’ll buy used or other brands to avoid it. My car, plus my bolt euv and bolt ev have 4G LTE which is far safer.

      I’ve had several vehicles with RAIN SENSE, both GM and KIA, and they are all a joke. First thing I do is disable them.

      Speaking of Jokes, the tacky Clown light show the car does is both a security issue, and violates my desired notion of “Understated Elegance”. I surely don’t want to advertise from several feet away that I am getting into an expensive car, seeing as all big cities in the States are hell holes lately.

      The ventilated seat fans would be OKAY other than they are too noisy for my ears.. The 3 level intensity Massage is so wimpy you can barely even feel it at the maximum position, so obviously there is zero therapeutic value.

      The biggest bugaboo, which NO REVIEWER has ever mentioned to my knowledge, the OBTUSE dashboard that takes forever to select or save radio stations – erases them when it feels like it, and is in general a PITA. Especially bad is trying to reset the trip odometer while driving. It takes me on average over a minute to do so and initially, it took me over 10 minutes which on ANY previous car can be reset in a split-second. This type of thing should be banned as a BIG SAFETY HAZZARD.

      Uh, I thought I was supposed to look out the windshield on occasion rather that fighting some engineer’s wet dream.

      The 2024 doors which were a needless confusing redesign of the perfected 2023 doors.

      So overall, I’m glad I got the 2023 LYRIQ. Much cheaper than the equivalent 2024 and hopefully I’ll recoup the value of the needless junk at resale time for those (hopefully few) who can’t live without the gobbledygook.

  2. I’ve had my experience with a base model Cadillac. Enjoyed driving a 2015 ATS Sedan but ultimately became very disappointed by the lack of features including heated steering wheel, memory seats, rear fold-down seats, etc. When shopping for my CPO XT4, I made sure it was NOT the base model!

  3. There was an article on the ‘Standard’ 2024 LYRIQ sold in China that was $11,000 less than the LUXURY priced model there, at $41,500.

    Would like to see if they’d make one here that reasonably. I’d buy another if it left most of the crap out.

    The only feature in my mind worth its salt is the sometimes-available Super Cruise. Consumer Reports states it is currently the best driving system available. Apparently GM is having trouble making improvements, seeing as the ULTRA-CRUISE that WAS to be available for the 2025 ES IQ doesn’t work right yet.


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