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Sub-Lyriq Electric Cadillac Crossover To Feature Curved Widescreen Display

Sub-Lyriq Electric Cadillac Crossover To Feature Curved Widescreen Display

small electric Cadillac crossover that will slot beneath the Lyriq is on the way. Cadillac Society has already spotted several prototypes of this forthcoming model undergoing testing, capturing the first photos back in August 2022, and then more recently, in June 2023, showing an even better look at its exterior. Now, a new spy photo shows us what’s in store for the vehicle’s interior.

The photo shows the cockpit of a prototype. Despite the heavy camouflage, we can clearly see the outline of the curved widescreen display found in the Lyriq. The same display will also be used in refreshed Cadillac XT4, refreshed Cadillac CT5, as well as the Chinese-exclusive second-generation Cadillac XT5.

As such, this electric Cadillac crossover will fall in line with the the luxury marque’s latest technology and design directions. Considering that the Lyriq benefits from cutting edge Unreal Engine graphics for its own display, it’s safe to assume that this small luxury EV crossover will also get a similar treatment for its state-of-the-art OLED screen. 

Aside from that, details regarding this electric Cadillac are relatively thin. The prototypes we have spied undergoing testing have been outfitted in a lot of body-hugging camouflage, along with placeholder headlights and tail lights. Despite the camo, we can tell that this model will feature a “grille” with LEDs similar to that of its bigger brother, the Lyriq. Also like the Lyriq, this EV features flush-mounted door handles, but unlike the Lyriq, it has a very short dash-to-axle ratio.

We expect this small electric Cadillac crossover to be built at the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico, becoming the first Cadillac to be produced at that particular facility. It will ride on a small variant of the BEV3 platform, which is currently found beneath the Lyriq.

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Sub-Lyriq Electric Cadillac Crossover Photos

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  1. It may be the same size as the electric Equinox because both will be assembled on the same line at the same plant.


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