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Watch The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Light Up The Night: Video

Watch The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Light Up The Night: Video

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is an electric vehicle, meaning it has no use for the traditional air intakes and grilles used by vehicles with internal combustion engines. This gave designers an opportunity to rethink the traditional grille of an ICE vehicle by giving the Lyriq an LED display that lights up in a unique, pleasing pattern in a synchronized sequence with the headlights to “greet” the driver as they approach. This digital “grille” then stays lit while the vehicle is running.

As luck would have it, Cadillac presented a Cadillac Lyriq light show during the press launch of the luxury crossover last year, where Cadillac Society had a chance to test drive the vehicle firsthand. While the factory lighting is impressive in and of itself, the luxury marque decided to augment the Lyriq’s lighting performance by creating an entire light show around the vehicle, thanks to efforts by artistic design house Lightswitch. The show incorporates spotlights, underbody lighting, and LED lighting elements alongside the Lyriq, helping to accentuate its intricate lighting pattern.

A voiceover on the video states that drivers “cross an invisible barrier” that activates the lights as they approach the Cadillac Lyriq with its key in their pocket, but the lights can also be initiated by a smartphone set up to act as the Lyriq’s key via the myCadillac app. When it detects a key or registered smartphone, the Lyriq will also begin preparing its cabin, adjusting seats and mirrors and cueing up the climate control based on conditions and preset preferences. However, all of these features can be adjusted once passengers enter the vehicle, including lighting intensity and ambience. 

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq features a single Ultium motor mounted on the rear axle, lending 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque for an estimated 312 miles of driving range. Meanwhile, the upcoming Lyriq all-wheel-drive adds a second motor that increases total output to over 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque.

The all-new Lyriq rides on the luxury marque’s BEV3 platform, and is assembled at the Spring Hill plant in Tennessee for all markets except for China, where the model is made at the Cadillac Jinqiao plant.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.


  1. Considering I don’t like electric cars, it doesn’t thrill me. I think electric cars are a waste of time, as well as costs for batteries, time to charge, can’t take the cold, and usually have nothing cool about them. They are also bad for the environment as the amount of destruction to the earth to find metals that are extremely rear as well as expensive. Not for me that’s for sure!!!

    • @Alfred,
      This planet is already damaged thanks to tbe hundred of millions of gasoline and Diesel burning emissions, and you cooperated to that damage. Electrics have recycleable battery cells, and use the same energy to charge that you used to fill your tank. So your commemts are 99% wrong.

  2. Pretty underwhelming..

    At least the old Tesla “X” had it’s gull wing doors flap open and closed to a dance toon.

    That must be why we can only get Black as a paint choice – they spent all the budget on light bulbs…with no money in the budget for a few gallons of Blue Paint!

    • Just black? Eight exterior color options in store for the 2024 model year Lyriq:

      I attended this event in person and filmed it… it was very pleasant and the pattern is nice.

      Have you seen the Lyriq in person?

      • You guys should get out more….

        Only LYRIQS being made lately are BLACK. As I’ve repeatedly stated, my hard-build-order numbered contractual BLUE vehicle was force changed to a BLACK one, not the one I ordered 5/19/2022.

        Was told by my dealership that nothing other than black LUXURY 2023 trims will be made until the 2024 model year and that my now black 2023 Luxury will be built mid April, 2023, this forcing another problem since it is 28 days after production ended. So, they -gm- will be forced to lie again.

      • And, yes I’ve seen it on the November travelling roadshow put on with two gm experts-probably a pre-Debut early Silver one.

        The cars that are listed for sale in Cars dot com are vaporware. They are debut models that have yet to be purchased by Debut buyers.

        I emailed 20 dealers to see if there was a Lyriq actually for sale. Excepting 1 dealership, who had a cancelled order since the customer couldn’t come up with the funds, tried to sell me this DEBUT 2023 black for the $3,000 reduced MSRP, with optional black paint, except since the cars are almost nonexistent, the dealership wants another $25,000 and I walked. The other 19 vehicles don’t exist -especially the blue ones since as explained they don’t make them in 2023. Other problems with some of the adds is that they were all 20 called luxury but the sole car that existed was actually a Debut.

  3. Dealer who wanted an extra $25,000 says the alternative is to order a 2024 that you Might get by sometime in 2025!

    At least I have a supposedly contractual build order for April, 2023.

    Since gm has lied in the past and will be forced to lie again,. Perhaps I’ll be one of the lucky ones and get an equivalent 2024 black model ($5,495 more expensive), with a $5,000 credit.

    But Im not holding my breath.

  4. Bill,
    Your dealer is wrong and you ordered too late for debut model. I ordered my grey Lyriq 18 months ago and called Cadillac every month until I had a vin number in January 2023!
    I finally received a call from Lyriq to confirm my dealership date for delivery in Miami on February 14th. I called my dealer and my car had been delivered that day – grey with very light (almost white) interior. My dealer preps my new car I’ve been driving for a week and Omeric (California) had a local electrician at my home in 3 days to hook up my 240 volt charger and I have set my Lyriq for 85% only one time so far. My wife drives it to work every day and everyone is excited to see this first edition and only one in Homestead Fla.
    Regards, and best of luck to you!

  5. Sept 2021 cutoff in ten minutes so even though I tried I had to wait till 5/19/22 to order a LUXURY.

    I think you confused the debut I almost bought with the Luxury I actually ordered.

  6. I know exactly what happened to you…my wife and I both dialed Cadillac at 4 pm that dreadful day in September 2021. I was put on hold and never got through. My wife, on a separate phone, same time, got through and with a $100 deposit got an order number. Even a manager at my dealership couldn’t order his wife that car just 10 minutes latter!
    I have read and studied everything about the Lyriq for over two years now … I know AWD,
    Luxury, color combos and when ‘24 models will supposedly be produced… but unless you have a vin number, your production date means nothing.
    I have owned Caddies for 50 years and I would never buy a 1st generation model, nor any electric car… but Cadillac has lost 50% of their stand alone dealerships and must make this model work…and I believe if two working people in your average family drive,
    One of you should drive an electric car.
    Why?.. I remember in 1971, when All wages and prices were frozen and you had to wait in line for hours to get 10 gallons of gas to curb inflation ( so they said) and I said “I will never do this anymore”…and don’t put anything past senile Biden to hold to his promise last week to stop All ICE auto production by 2030
    …That is why I have an electric Lyriq.

  7. Alex,

    Ignore the blatant lies that these naysayers post, and just put up more articles about the good points of the electric Lyriq. Soon they will all go away!


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