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We Render The Cadillac Celestiq As A Traditional Sedan

We Render The Cadillac Celestiq As A Traditional Sedan

The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq was finally unveiled in production form back in October 2022, showing off the ultra-luxury car’s low-slung, fastback profile. Cadillac Society couldn’t help but wonder what the Celestiq would look like with a more traditional three-box sedan setup, so we put our render team up to the task.

Up front, the fascia of our make-believe Cadillac Celestiq doesn’t differ from the real thing, as it lends itself well to the traditional three-box sedan aesthetic, but we did decide to color ours red for a sportier overall appearance.

It’s at the rear of our rendering that imagination really takes over. Our Cadillac Celestiq replaces the sloped rear hatch with a shorter rear window and a traditional decklid, reminiscent of the CT4CT5 and CT6 sedans. The D-pillar is pinched at the top to facilitate the aforementioned shorter rear window and newfound trunk.

The boomerang-shaped upper taillight assembly complements the angle of the newfound decklid, drawing the eye along the bodywork to the rear-mounted spoiler. Our Celestiq’s boxier rear end puts the ultra-luxury sedan more in line with what the marque’s sedans have been known for and look like, albeit with a more modern and sleek touch.

We imagine that our rendered Cadillac Celestiq is just as powerful as the production model, harnessing a 111 kWh battery pack and a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive propulsion system. In the real-life Celestiq, this configuration will deliver approximately 300 miles of driving range on a single charge while providing a impressive 600 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque, enabling the ultra luxury sedan to gallop from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. While the Celestiq is touted as being the most customizable Cadillac ever built, that (perhaps unfortunately) does not include making it into a sedan quite like ours, so let us know by voting in the poll below which one you prefer.

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  1. Cadillac Society’s design is SO much better looking; but still, this just isn’t a great looking car. Maybe in person, but I still haven’t seen a good looking angle of the rear. Doesn’t matter since I can’t afford it, but the Celestiq is a real disappointment – at least aesthetically. I caved and ordered (very reluctantly) a CT5 V (not a BW) to replace my CT6 but hope I didn’t make a mistake. The elegance of the CT6 design is a tough act to follow. Not sure I’m liking Cadillac’s new design language.

    • The CT6 is a classic in its own right. I had a CT5 premium luxury sedan— loved it except for the 4 cylinder engine. The interior, the options, and the luxury were well above anything coming from Asia, and most of the second tier European Luxury Cars… ie Audi, Volvo, Jaguar…
      Re THE CELESTIQ… I think it is truly a one-of-kind-luxury car and is ahead of everyone’s electric luxury sedan. CADILLAC has continued its 120 year passion. Period.

    • I foolishly sold my 2020 ct6 at the end of the lease and replaced it with a 2022 ct5 550t. I peruse the certified ct6s almost daily as I scheme how to trade back. CT5BW is a beast but anything less is just not satisfying in comparison to the ct6.

  2. In my opinion, the original tail of the Celestic is too heavy. The modified design is taking that heaviness away. If someone is taking the time to modify the original design should mean that the rear from the Celestic is an issue.

  3. I would like Cadillac would produce a more affordable sedan or sports coupe. Not everybody likes SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what.

    • Why can’t Cadillac produce a good looking more traditional car. Whatever happened to elegance inside and outside. I am on my second CT6 and plan to keep it a very long time since cadillac forgot about the traditional buyers like myself who want a larger car and don’t want a SUV or battery car. I have been buying Cadillac since 1990. I’m on my 8th Cadillac and since they have no large car, this will probably be my last Cadillac. I will go to Mercedes that makes a larger car or BMW. I will no longer be loyal to Cadillac they made that decision for me when they stopped producing the CT6 in the USA and produce but for China.

  4. I have a CT6 that I leased for 39 months. The lease is over. I wish to purchase the CT6. The buyout is $48,500.The dealers will only pay $42,000.
    Why would Cadillac auction the car and not offer it to their customer for a reduced price? I have purchased over 20 Cadillacs in the past 30 years. Think about your customer

    • I love my CT6 but I don’t care about the new look that the Cadillac is taking I’ll stay with my CT6

  5. It looks quite a but better, but it still ain’t pretty !!!!

  6. I am (was) a Cadillac loyalist. Bought one every 2 years for about 16 years. Still yearn for a 60s/70s barge. Celestiq is ugly. This rework is awkward…..and maybe not AS ugly but still not anywhere close to matching Genesis, MB, Audi. I’m pretty sure I’d even chose a bmw 7 series over this grossly over price neo-citroen.

  7. Can the Celestiq be fitted with an optional Dagmar front bumper and P-38 tail fins, with the charging port hidden behind the left taillight, where it belongs?


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