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Cadillac Celestiq Prototype Spotted Testing On Public Roads

Cadillac Celestiq Prototype Spotted Testing On Public Roads

Earlier this month, Cadillac shared photos of a Cadillac Celestiq prototype undergoing testing, giving us a first look at the forthcoming ultra-luxury electric sedan on the road. While many might not know, those photos were captured on the luxury marque’s technical campus in Warren, Michigan. But now, Cadillac Society spotted a Celestiq prototype undergoing testing, this time on public roads, showing us a few new details about the large vehicle.

While this Cadillac Celestiq prototype is certainly clad in a healthy amount of camo, it’s notably different than the space aesthetic wrap that was seen on the prototype released by Cadillac. The wrap’s pattern makes the bodylines of the Celestiq difficult to discern, but cutouts in the wrap over the vehicle’s front fascia give us a decent look at the production headlights. There’s also a cutout in the center of the “grille,” likely to avoid impeding a forward-facing camera and/or sensor. Also note the outside mirrors, which are quite large, especially compared to the tiny units on the Celestiq show car.

In addition, these Cadillac Celestiq prototype photos do a great job in showcasing the model’s fastback-like profile, which slopes down into a large rear overhang. It still rolls on wheels that are concealed behind flat wheel covers, obscuring the spoke design from view. No matter the spoke pattern, the wheels do a great job at filling out the wheel wells.

Out back, the Celestiq prototype features placeholder rear lamps, as opposed to the production lamps up front. Interestingly, the camo seems to cover the upper tail lamp positioned at the end of the sheetmetal, making for a rather unattractive design. Luckily, that’s the result of the camouflage, as the production model will break up the sheetmetal after the rear door glass, and in a rather attractive way.

The Cadillac Celestiq will be assembled in very small numbers at the GM Global Technical Center, where customers will be able to control every aspect of their ultra-luxury electric sedan’s build. Sources have indicated that interested customers should expect the Celestiq to carry a price tag of over $300,000. Because of this, it will only be marketed in “affluent” communities.  Recently, Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, filed to trademark four Celestiq-related names – Celestiq Vale, Celestiq Mist, Celestiq Aurora and Celestiq Magnetic, which will likely serve as color and/or design themes for the upcoming flagship model.

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  1. Cadillac should right now be seeking out prospective buyers within the world of fashion and art – people with a good sense of artistic creativity and execution. Have them create their own builds which ought to end up being extremely interesting from a visual standpoint – and get their permission for Cadillac to showcase their builds to the world.

    The idea is to get the ball rolling with customers who are most likely to bring the positive attention that Cadillac seeks.


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